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Book Review: The Dark Veil

Star Trek Picard: The Dark Veil by James Swallow

This is completely credible unlike the show it is based on. Captain Riker of the USS Titan meets a Romulan commander who is the descendant of the Romulan commander from 'Balance Of Terror'. The two commanders have to deal with aliens with dangeorus power. There is foreshadowing of 'Star Trek: Discovery' season 3.

This should really be a 'Titan' novel, the Titan crew has changed. For example Tuvok and Melora aren't present and other crew members are also gone without explanation or mention. Riker and Troi's annoying doomed son annoys.

'Star Trek Picard' was dross. There are strange circumstances around the alien race which leads the Romulans and Titan into conflict. A verbally threatening Romulan Tal Shiar member is constantly tasked with protecting the doomed Romulan Star Empire. Her methods are extreme.

There are malign effects, moral decrepitude, misapprehension, horrible truths, continuing anguish and unforseen cirumstances. The deeply hostile Tal Shiar member plots and the UFP has fading idealism and early-onset nihilism. There are cameos by Picard and a 'TOS' character. There is fear of an alleged terrifying danger and a dread warning and Kestra is conceived. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Used technologies from other species, whispering the name of the dreaded Borg, and worse.”

“Covert fleet,”

“Terrible responsibility.”

“Emptive response and illogic.”

“Your society was not ready to know us,”

“Cultural limits.”

“No future for us among you.”

“Lament that choice.”

“Enforcer cruisers,”

“Ship-killer misiles.”

“Bleak possibility.”

“Delicious amusement.”

“Romulan mercy – if there was such a thing – is only for Romulans.”

“The naked ire of someone who hated her,”

“All horrors were permitted.”

“Romulans never surrender.”

“The original intent for them to range far into unknown space and carry hugely species-diverse crews had been put aside.”

“Shouting your petty virtues at every opportunity?”

“Grim object lesson.”

“Less survivable.”

“Unnecessary degree of theatricality.”

“Combat dagger.”

“Eternally querulous.”

“Masters of their crews and the incredible technologies at their disposal.”

“Bleaker thoughts.”

“Unity of purpose.”

“Every breath of wind and creak of the floor is the harbinger of a plot against them.”

“I am Romulan. We excel at hating what threatens us. And what threatens us is everything that is not Romulan.”

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