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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 21 + The Red Mother Issue 12 Reviewed

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 21

This has a striking cover. Who is Morgan Palmer? Anya appears. People aren't mischievously disruptive. Morgan was a slayer for 12 years and was the slayer before Buffy. This was not a psychodrama. Morgan was in Cleveland. Anya was a watcher? Morgan has a useless uncaring watcher. This issue has a rather irritating lack of panche.

The Council and her own watcher plotted to kill Morgan. This was somewhat lacklustre. Anya wants to kill the Council. This has no sheer visceral intensity. Morgan kills her traitor watcher in a rage killing. This was disappointingly unremarkable.

Best Lines:

“So what'd he do?”
“Someone else.”

“ill-suited for normalcy.”

“I'm gonna kill everything.”

“Plague demon.”

“Somehow survived the battle, but not what happened after.”

“Can look forward to nothing.”

“I've never hated anyone more.”

“This is monstrous.”

“Do slayers even get to have futures? Other than slay and try to stay alive.”

The Red Mother Issue 12

Daisy faces the Red Mother. There is beautiful art. There are others like the Red Mother? Who's Luke? Daisy fights the Red Mother. All her fake friends die off page. Things are chaotic and what became of Ian? Daisy gets a happy ending. There is tension and conflict.

Daisy enjoys her unbelieving triumph. The ending is satisfyingly ambiguous. Are there others with misguided belief systems? Daisy was implicitly misled and subjected to gaslighting of unnecessary complexity by cultural forces. Daisy was long foretold. She shrugs off her dark sorrow and human malice and a toxic brew of cirumstances and daunting and difficult negative energy. She is now free of malign terror and malfeasance. Or is she? One feels sincere admiration for this quietly powerful comic. This was good if utterly weird.

Best Lines:

“Older than you could begin to understand.”

“Heralds of our return.”

“He is gone from here. To whatever is next.”

“Everything that happened was just a lie.”

“I am free of destiny.”

“So I watch out. Always.”

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