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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Equalizer' promo

Chris Noth has aged.

'Quiz' promo


Parmesan – mmmm.

I'd try rose water and pistachio pavlova.

My ex = ridiculous and infuriating. My ex misled me deliberately. My ex has marked reluctance to say sorry. My ex = no good. I disastrously ill judged my ex. My ex abandoned me. My ex turned rotten.

RIP the peat briquette.

Another 'Titans' spoiler has me going mmm.

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Celebrities often of the Love Island variety,”

“This contention has been met with derision.”

“Openly holidayed through the pandemic.”

“Apprehended at the airport.”

“Enraging and distressing.”

“Almost unbearable, chain reaction of worries and inconveniences.”

“Hideously smug.”


“Engaged users.”

“Had absolutely no reason to suspect that the site was anything other than a success.”

“Financial fault.”

“Plot formation.”

“There is no story without something bad happening.”

“Capable of producing terrible sentences.”

“Age of anxiety, ruled by cynicism.”

“Memorably horrible.”

“Forced to start taking her assertions more seriously.”

“Psychological reckoning.”

“Love me loving him.”

“Either refuses or is incapable.”

“Absence from the plot.”

“Era-defining film.”

“Unprecedented despair.”

“Deliberate strategy to manage the narrative.”

“Unflinchingly bleak.”

“Eye-rolling narrative contrivances.”

“Paranoid suspicions.”

“Melodramatic coincidences.”

“Lived on the frindges of this big house society.”

'The Way We Were' Quotes:

“Why would you want to educate the poor...they might start thinking.”

“Why would you have men in the ladies underclothing department?”

“Nice CEO husband.”


“Father to son trades.”

“Social disintergration.”

“Destroyed love.”

“Their own business.”

“Clerical concern.”

“Increasingly unattractive prospect.”

“Good convent education.”

“Grew old without women.”

“Prove paved with thwarted promise.”

“Hostile territory for the ambitious woman.”

“Fancy biscuit sorter.”

“Traditional craft form of employment.”

“Girl workers.”

“Evidence of high morale.”

“Were by no means encouraged.”

“Sour mood.”

“Era of 3 hour taxi queues.”

'Bad Education' Quotes:

“Eat my fist you ho!”

“University's for lesbos!”

“Dress up like a bender and play the flute?!?”

“I'm out and I'm also leaving.”

“Die nazi bitch!”

“I bought it off some Albanians in the pub!”

“Ignore all of that.”

“If you're out of your depth, put on a video.”

“Murder blade.”

“I am wearing underpants.”

“I wanted to use mustard gas.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Hard quarantine.”

“Dumping ground for social outcasts.”

“I don't wash my own hair. I've never washed my own hair. It's just not something that I do.”

“People specifically trying to make him angry.”

“Refused communication.”

“Unlawful forcible re-entry.”

“Forcible incursion.”

“Threatened and forced out.”

“Community amenity.”

“The likes of her belong.”

“Obsessions with respectability and property.”

“Unsettled country.”

“Unknown to them.”

“Relentless chronicle of personal loss.”

'Fighting the global cabal.”

“Give you a target to point your anger at.”

“Yoga moms.”

“Sense of mission.”

“Aren't likely to be persuaded out of their beliefs with logic and reason alone.”

“Drooling, mind-controlled cultists.”

“Long-standing suspicion of elites.”

“Steer clear of her, and she feels their wrath every time she steps outside.”

“Becoming a pariah has clearly taken a toll.”

“Speaks bitterly about the friends she has lost.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Pretty dire legacy.”

'Mark Kermode's Secrets Of Cinema' Quotes:

“Already quaintly old-fashioned.”

“Yes. Really.”

'Father Ted' Quote:

“He's a fair bit away yet!”

'Sex, Lies And Murder' Quotes:

“Medicore means.”

“Out there waiting for you.”

“Somewhat low opinion of her.”

“Very risque clothes.”

'Chosen One' Quotes:

“She's still booby-trapping her apartment like she's living out a Home Alone fantasy,”

“Nobody's Chosen One, not now and not ever.”

“Limits to his mercy.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quotes:

“Useless bugger.”

“Raving psychopath.”

“Chicken of the woods.”


'Treasures From The Bog' Quotes:

“Papal lineage.”

“Old writing.”

“Find of world importance.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Not exist by the end of the month.”

'Tiny Pretty Things' Quotes:

“Sleeping Beauty wakes up and it turns out she's a bitch.”

“Long list of mistakes.”

“5 years of being ignored.”

On 'Hollyoaks' James called Ste a “Bog brush boy” - which was the funniest moment of 2021 so far and Diane is pregnant by Tony's dad which means she's carrying his half brother. Oh ffs.

Mandy Picture Story Library For Girls #91 - Poor Little Rich Girl (Issue)Mandy Picture Story Library For Girls #91 - Poor Little Rich Girl (Issue)Mandy Picture Story Library For Girls #91 - Poor Little Rich Girl (Issue)

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