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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'American Animals' promo


'Twist' promo


'Batwoman' 2x01 clip

Alice tells Jacob that Kate was Batwoman. Lord he's stupid.

'Batwoman' 2x02 promo


Gaeta was so cute on 'Battlestar Galactica'.




Dirk Savage was in 'Honour'!

Recall the girls comic stories 'Bad Penny' and 'Poor Little Rich Girl' or 'The Stealer Of The Skills' or 'The Fighting Foleys' or 'The Truth About Tricia' or 'Witch Hazel' or 'Wheels Of Misfortune' or 'Jungle Ballerina' or 'Water Spotter' or 'Peggy From Pegasus' or 'Bleak Days At Blake House' or 'The Sister's Secret' or 'The Riddle Of The Chinese Bowl'? Recall 'Star Love Stories'?

I'd try chilli fired peanuts and spicy peanut and garlic mash.

What are picante sausages?

Recall Slazenger?

Who saw 'Subway' or 'L'Appartement'?

My ex left me anguished. My ex had extraordinary duplicity. My relationship failed miserably. My ex = wilful and withholding. Why was I dismissible? I feel unfulfilment. Is it over irrevocably? My ex flaunted his trauma. My ex has detachment.

'The FBI Files' Quote:

“Garage evidence technicians.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:


“Contaminated crevices.”


“Employee cave drawings.”

“Drew a big crying cucumber.”


“Alleged intimidation.”

“Undercurrent of contempt for me.”

“Work whistle.”

“What animal is this egg from?”

“Nightly bender.”

“Union of men.”

“Slow roasted breakfast turkey.”

“Irish brides?”

“Our sleepover ended 2 days ago.”

“Fossilized scarecrow.”

“Everything must have a kill button.”

“Everything nice is cancelled.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Hate stare.”

“Constantly getting into fistfights at school.”

“He has no future.”

“Fast track to the street life.”

“Prison life.”

“Outcasted by all of his peers.”

“This isn't the life that I want to live.”

“Not showered since 2016.”

“Not washed her hair in 3 years.”

“Anxiety driven.”

'History Of Swear Words' Quotes:

“You'll get shot because guns are legal here.”

“I have better morals than this person.”

“New Yorker level stuff.”

“Defend artistic speech.”

“Negatively toned.”

“Burn his motherf**king house down!”

“Damaging word.”

“Usage pattern.”

“Make Cardi B blush.”

'Pulp Fiction' Quote:

“Brain detail.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“The task was done with love, and without complaint.”

“It's wrong. I'm presuming that from your expression.”

“Defined by the failure.”

“Theocratic culture.”

“Haunted by the unknown.”

“Portaloos were driven there at speed.”

“What you thought was the appropriate behaviour.”

“Horribly out of sync with the contemporary cultural moment.”

“What you will observe is a vast wasteland. True, you'll see a few things you will enjoy. But they will be very, very few.”

“Aesthetic naffness – from the cars to the sunglasses and the wallpaper, this world is a symphony of ugliness-”

“A vital question, but is conspicuously unanswered.”

“Wisdom of the crowd.”

“Despairing at what has replaced it.”

“Economically inactive.”

“A burden society would be better off without.”

“Does not make for complimentary reading.”

“An aristocratic world that has since ceased to exist.”


“Moral value.”

“Unoffical uniform of subversion.”

“Innovated relentlessly.”

“Person who determined her future.”

“Reluctant to provide succour and support.”

“Preoccupation with respectability and the family's status in the community.”

“Endured their own torments.”

“Feared their response.”

“Isolated and abandoned by others-”

“America going insane.”

“Walk them away from risk.”

“Not prepared to share in her situation any longer, regardless of his part in it.”

“Accepted these humilations on her due.”

'Murder She Wrote' Quote:

“Probably with some tramp!”

'The Dark Veil' Quotes:

“These people were not here with good intentions.”

“Protect a naive universe from the threat of its own machine progency.”

“There was no escape from one's own mistakes.”

“Continued amity.”

“Cold, hateful grimace.”


“Build their plans against us.”

“Ironclad certainty.”

“To have this knowledge was to be branded at best a wild-eyed crank, at worst a dangeorus radical.”

“A war that Starfleet brought here from the Gamma Quadrant.”

“They have to be the heroes of every story, don't they.”

“One was predisposed to believing all those around you were hiding dark secrets. Because they always are.”

“Cursed Riker, that Betazoid witch of his, and their idiot child.”

'Prime Time' Quote:

“Time related needs.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Exalted ambition.”

“Not a great power and never will be again.”

“Fevered imagings.”


“Scrabbled together from the ruins of a fallen civilization.”


“Global influence.”


“Fear and mistrust.”

“Vanquished past.”

“Rewritten the future.”

“Future felt unclear.”

“Defining cultural moments.”

“What is the secret behind internet fame?”

“Seems truly of another era.”

“Anoxic waters.”

“Neurotoxic algae; the fishbone beaches...jetties launching out to nowhere.”

“This is a foul place.”

“A Scottish island whose last residents left in 1974.”

“Raw splendour.”

“Period and character-appropriate books.”

“High Victorian era.”

“Darker recesses.”


“Erased that world forever.”


“Each one a leader, now forgotten.”

“Swept out of the industry it had created.”

“Moral seriousness.”

“Inadvertently destroyed her reputation for decades.”

“Make themselves delightful.”

“Enduringly excellent.”

“Unremitting tragedy.”

“Untruth pass to history.”

“Played with foreboding.”

“Insane to think progress is permanent.”

“With famous names.”


“An era was ending.”

“Shut away from life.”

“Values superpower.”

“Had a saintly reputation and powerful friends.”

“Facing implacable opposition.”

“Catastrophic disease.”

“Widely scorned.”

“Alarming warnings were prescient.”

“Act of despair that resonated across nations.”

“Predictable ruthlessness.”


“Never wished for the price to be this.”

“A conflict it cannot win.”

“Continuity of a way of life.”



“Menus scrawled on blackboards.”

“Mental men screaming at me.”

“Rural character.”


'Poirot' Quotes:

“Bloody Belgian busybody!”

“Stop trying to kill each other.”

“Ostrich shooting season.”

“Utterly unimportant.”

“Wrong. To a lunatic degree.”

“The porter being sick sir.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Serious and escalating.”

“Who or what is David Bowie?”

“Warning from history.”

“Never be heard.”

“Terrible stories have emerged.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Jean Dujardin going full method and fully feral after a particularly draining period role (he lives under a tree in his garden and stinks to high heaven).”

“At their less great and less good moments.”

“In a car with Jeanne Moreau when a security guard told her he thought she was dead. She was not pleased.”

“This notion barely exists.”

“There's a snobbery based around being “serious”.”

“Damnatie memoriae.”

“Few murderers with their own submarine.”

“Demented evil.”

“Obsession with jailed madmen.”

“Paranoia would be proved right.”

“Holds back resolution.”

“A beacon of high-minded sancity.”

“Lamentable self-delusion.”

“At no point does a single non-political person say, think or do anything.”

“Has so assiduously avoided the limelight that some have doubted he exists.”

“An encumbrance.”

“Obstinately intent on thwarting other people's plans,”

“Violent plans.”

“Moral murkiness.”

“Chilling prescience.”

“Wistful and chaste.”

“Professional imperative.”

“Bitter cruelty.”

“Couple up again with disturbing haste.”

“Cold efficiency.”

“Once-great brands.”

“Earn their colleague's utmost respect.”

“Should something calamitous go wrong.”

“Grimly exultant.”


“The acceptable norms around clothes, accent, sex and class-”

“At no point was this regarded by either the customers or management as anything other than reasonable behaviour.”

“Mass indignation against what was judged as immorality.”

“Actively or by connivance,”

“Oppose him vehemently.”

“All-purpose consigliere.”

“Deranged behaviour.”

“Propensity for appalling violence.”

“Nefarious reason.”

“Societal collapse were still in living memory.”

“Adverse costs order.”

“Deliberate and organised ill treatment.”

“Made working-class noises.”

“I gave one pair to the Met, as one does.”

“Bored with feeling bored.”

'The Prostrate Years' Quote:

“The sea was just lying there doing nothing much.”

'Bad Education' Quotes:

“Misunderstood the phrase: photo finish. A line was crossed.”

“Attacked me with a riot baton.”

“Everyone deserves a 3rd chance.”

“In prison I sucked the shank out of a warden's neck.”

“Have you been talking to my ex-wife?”

“Which one?”

“Truckload of attack dogs coming.”

“My heart broken like an egg on the floor.”

"Stop learning."

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