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Swamp Thing 1x03 + The Great 1x03 Reviewed 👎👎

He Speaks
This show is strangely haunting and affecting if not epoch making tv. There is violent chaos and sombre resonance in Marais. Bugs devour a dead body. Abby ponders a terrible possibility. This show is darkly fascinating. Lunatic occurances are pernicious in their consequences. Tim Russ guest stars. The green flu is a grim business. Matt and his mommy have issues.

A hunter gets got. What's wrong with Caroline? Jason is arrogantly opaque. Maria and Avery have issues. He's morally stricken. There is approaching unease. Avery and the sherrif have a past. Shawna haunts Marais. Abby meets Swamp Thing (that name is not used).
Abby doesn't wear a mask. Marais has a legacy of sin. Maria is the one with the money. How did Abby afford college and med school?

This was not as good as 1x01 and 1xc02. Daniel and the fortune teller are frantically anguished. This ep was a bit clunky. This ep was at best, innocuously forgettable. What is the conclave? Avery is gravely menaicng and there is an escalation in hostilities. There is a culture of secrey in Marais.

Best Lines:
“These aren't small things.”

“Pretty city boy.”

“The guy who can't go home.”

And You Sir, Are No Peter The Great
Catherine plots a coup. Peter has a half brother. Peter gives Catherine a sterile lover. Why is this so bad?

Best Lines:
“Oh god you're dull. Get out.”

“Unprise my member.”
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