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The Terror 1x03&1x04+The Pembrokeshire Murders (2021) 1x01+The Night Stalker 1x04+Swamp Thing 1x02

The Ladder

There are would be valiant responses as Erebus and Terror try to survive in 1847. There is no real communal solidarity just a deeper malaise. There is an ambiguous moral outcome and ill chosen actions. The Inuit woman is nicknamed Lady Silence. The crew throw the Inuit father's body down a hole. Charming. Why don't they ask the Inuit for help?

They are provisioned for 3 years. The ship's monkey has a nappy. Mrs Franklin bigs up her hubby. Crozier wants to send a sled party to Great Slave Lake asking for rescue. It is 800 miles. Franklin is a bad friend to Crozier. Franklin is not amenable and misconstrues Crozier's advice. Franklin is consistnently awful and full of judgmentalism. They're doomed.

The crew have to dig the ships out with pickaxes. A cook on the ship jokes about some of the food being bad. The tins seals are bad. Franklin has unreal calm. Fagin is the ship's cat. There was lead poisoning from the tins too. It is so obvious they are on a set. There is no cold breath and Franklin excludes Crozier from the conversation.

There are insinuations and unproductive acts and bitter blows. There is bewildered wonder and conniving and this is so portentous. Tension is not high, not real high. Hickey is a bad un. Crozier is an alcho. There is a camera and rats used as bait. It's cold and bad piano music plays as Franklin gets his. All that is left of him is a leg and a fancy sock. It's buried in a paper coffin. Why are some of the crew in red uniforms?

Someone sings a song. This show is a marathon of bad cliches. A monster with a drive to engage in violence lurks. There is no amiability and will the posh git shut up and stop his tantrums? Fingerless gloves are not a good idea in the ice. Crozier's accent has become less refined. Hickey goes something and the rescue party sets out. Did the Inuit woman build a igloo? The monster gives her a dead seal.

Best Lines:

“A more appopriate hole?”

“God sees you.”

“What is your rescue plan?”

“Nothing lives there. Nothing grows. You'll eat your shoes again. You'll eat worse.”

“History was given a different story.”

“Great white nothing.”

“No one knows where we are.”

“Hear you instruct me.”

“The effect of the lord.”

“Christian pleasures and graces.”

“Whipped for it or worse.”

“You don't think it's strange.”

“Devious seducer.”

“Exercise clemency.”

“Distant, miserable and hard to love.”

“Confused my sympathy with tolerance.”

“Make certain the blame falls on no one's shoulders but my own.”

“Converse our needs.”

“Speak native.”

“Read the ice.”

“Dire consequence.”

“Invent a solution.”

“Add salt!”

Punished As A Boy

It is 1847. 5 months have passed since 1x03. There is a mention of Charles Dickens and Franklin's wife and niece seek help from uninterested men. Crozier drinks and neither in life or death would they ever leave the ice. This was a volunteer mission and Crozier was asked to join to keep a watch on Franklin by his niece.

Franlin and the posh burk discussed things. The Inuit woman camps near the ships. The posh git calls the Inuit covetous, treacherous and cruel. Hypocrite. Franklin's niece resented Crozier's station and Irishness. Franklin's bitch wife bitchs. Crozier grabs a gun. A mob forms. Where did the seal in 1x03 come from?

There are public whippings and what's a pressure ridge? There is talk of grog and lashings and casual racism. Why does a man get a bit of paper stuck to his head? Crozier is not liked. The posh git is named FitzJames. How are they toileting? They must smell. What happened to the Inuit woman's furs? This was slightly deranged and one is entirely weary of this.

Best Lines:

“Need all the pity you have for what's coming.”

“Keep your pity.”

“Made a horrible mistake.”

“Confidence. Absolute.”

“Not heard word by 1850.”

“Feels like an omen.”

“Not provisoned.”

“Ensure his judgment.”

“Rejected you. Twice. As I heard it.”

“Burdened by it.”

“Did not ask to be here.”

“Spare you my resentment later.”

“Gone for years.”

“14 shillings navy half pay.”

“Bring his habits to marraige.”

“You are Irish.”

“Not refuse me a 3rd time.”

“Mania for the passage.”

“Snow house.”

“Very much.”

“Thrill at the notion.”

“This is not how Englishmen act.”

“I don't recognise this behaviour.”

The Pembrokeshire Murders (2021) 1x01

An ITV drama. Where is 'The Sister'? Luke Evans stars in this true story of the Coastal Path Murders. A convict may be a serial killer. A annoying reporter bothers. Parole board morons won't listen. The serial killer's son leads a sad, pathetic life. Okay.

Best Lines:

“Charge him with what you can prove.”

“Bit of rabbiting.”


The public would rise up to stop the Night Stalker. There is talk of how the Night Stalker was possibly formed by abuse. He once went to the library to look up weird books while reeking of BO and showing off his bad teeth. On day 166 the police finally got his name. The Night Stalker was guilty of many transgressions. This was not exhaustive.

The Night Stalker was spiralling out of control. He was disturbing and caused a fracas. He was not a good citizen, he was desperate and a questionable character and engaged in disgusting behaviour. There was a manhunt for him which had ramifications. This tries for solemnity of utterance. A mob battered the Night Stalker and he was taken to the police station. It was surrounded and there was no stability as the arrest was a fraught process.

The Night Stalker's cruelty was damning and shameful and his evil festered and he caused incalulable pain and suffering and he had a dark shameful history. Helicopters, police motorcycles, crowds and a motorcade were involved in his arrest. He made deliberate and conscious choices. Connie Chung is seen in vintage footage. This not a good invoking of a murky collective past. The Night Stalker had a cold, callous inhuman attiude and he did unconscionable wrongs.

There was a line up for a 6 year old witness. The 6 year old now an adult talks. His defence lawyers are seen. His trial was sadly unsuprising. The killer had groupies and a cruel impact. He was a pernicious man. This tries for journalistic urgency. He's irremediably bad. In 1989 he is sentenced. There is talk of crimes they didn't link him to. He died in 2013.

Best Lines:

“Kid who never quite fit in with anybody.”

“Go down the hard way.”

“Evil in that man.”

“Slang talk.”

“Held by an angry crowd.”

“Clown car of these women.”

“Look at you as dinner.”

“I'll see you in Disneyland!”

“Very horrific.”

“Horrible things were done.”

“Not since the days of Charlie Manson.”

Worlds Apart

Jennifer Beals and Kevin Durand join the cast. Alec is Swamp Thing? How did Shawna die? Abby stays in Liz's guest house which looks like a shed. Liz has a galpal. Where are the rest of the CDC staying? What did Avery and Maria do to Abby? Avery and Maria have a big plantation style house and a black maid. No comment. They also have photos of Shawna all over their house. Avery and Maria took Avery in? Where are her family? What did Maria do?

Abby is 31? Avery isn't helpful. The dog lives. Marais has a dvd rental store. Avery is obviously evil. There is blood, an annoying kid, violence and death. Ian Ziering plays the dvd store owner!

Best Lines:

“All kinds of awful that happens.”

“Maybe a grizzly wandered all the way down from Canada. For the firts time ever.”

“This thing isn't stopping.”

“Cynical and suspicious reporter.”

“Entitled idiot.”

“Bore the full brunt of the hostility.”

“Making a no sound like a favour.”

“Mediocrity wrapped in ignorance.”

“Dead weight on your creativity.”

“Transplant shock.”

“Don't talk down to me mr doctor.”

“Gloriously diverse cesspool.”

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