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Quotes & Stuff

My ex = absolutely repulsive. He disregarded me. My sense of abandonment is palpable. My ex = diabolical. He badly wronged me. My ex forsook me.

Who saw 'Father Of The Pride' or 'Beyond The Law' or 'Stalking Laura'?

'RTE News' Quotes:
“Living with shame, fear.”

“Situation is very grim.”

“Grim situation.”

“Working for all of us.”

“Decade of glory.”

“Profound generational wrong.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:
“Made history again, the wrong kind.”

'Death In  Bollywood' Quote:
“Temple of justice.”

'BBC News' Quotes:
“Lots of expectation.”

“Calamitous impact.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:
“Bum-ass ho.”

“At what point do you excuse something like this?”



“Strong opinions.”

“National shame.”

“Controlling presence.”

“Personal conduct policy.”

“Terminally unfashionable.”

“Frozen out forever.”

“Sincere belief.”

“Pit street against street.”

“Current community divisions.”

“To resist its influence was to risk disgrace for an entire family.”

“Unheard and few.”

“Systematically removed from public life, and legally, economically, physically and socially prevented from participating fully in Irish society.”

“Grim period.”

“Meaningfully obscure.”

“Just conclusion.”

“Denying them the requisite education to recognise, let alone perform these duties.”

“Deep embeddedness.”

“Her two children were treated as an offence.”

“Groomed for submission.”

“Contradictory expectations.”

“For which society not only did not prepare them, but actively worked to make them incapable of so doing,”

“Moral notions.”

“A denunciation will take place on sunday next.”

“Calling the guilty to repentance.”

“A disgrace to the family, and as sin against the good name of the locality.”

“Inhuman rigidity.”

“Bleak view of salvation.”

“Civil theology.”

“The gruff persona of the type of man who would be interviewed in a shed filled with power tools.”

“Legal certainty.”

“May not accord with the prevailing narrative.”

“Afraid of public opinion.”

“Rational social beings.”

“Virtue theorist.”


“Locked-out generation.”

“World that may not be realised in their lifetime.”

'The Dark Veil' Quotes:
“A Romulan will scheme for ten years to have you bring them a cup of water, but never once admit that they are thirsty.”

“Nothing unusal about a Romulan ship in Romulan space doing Romulan things,”

“Thinking troubled thoughts.”

“No place for us here.”

“Fear of who he had once been, and what he had done in that former life. Fear of what would happen if that information ever became public knowledge.”

“A race humans had been rasied to call an enemy.”

“Horrifying potentiality.”

“A true fear for the future his son would grow up in.”

'The Perfect Murder' Quotes:
“Something isn't normal.”

“Something foul had occured here.”

“Night on the street looking for your dinner in the garbage.”

“Supposedly well liked.”

“Very, very angry words.”

“Make sure you have no future.”

“Looking to do me wrong.”

“Blood school.”

'Prince's Gambit' Quote:
“The stableboy should learn to demand payment before he bends over.”

'The A Team' Quotes:
“Does not play nice.”

“Nobody steals my boots.”

“God's work has no room for failure.”
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