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Movie Review: Shaun Of The Dead (2004) Rewatch

Simon Pegg and his fat talentless friend Nick Frost star in this film of London losers v zombies. Frost and Pegg play horrific people who ignore all evidence of zombies. They fight zombies with vinyl and Ed (Frost) is deranged and terrible.

This film is not funny and it is unpleasant. One feels unvarnished hatred for Ed and Shaun. Ed violates all moral parameters and moral virtue. This was ineffective and made without any aim at all. This was disastrous. Pegg had a career implosion. This was more than slightly inept. It struggles to justify its own existence. This was listless.

Ed is incapable of being amicable. This was unremarkable and not alluring. Poor Pete, he deserved better friends.

Best Lines:

“That was 5 years ago. When's he going home?”

“I ran it under a cold tap.”

“Deep space proble Omega 6.”

“The 'Batman' soundtrack.”

“Throw it.”

“Overblown nonsence.”

“Drug nuts.”

“Z day.”

“Fought off the reanimated corpses of his entire family.”

“Mobile deceased.”

“Rage infected monkeys.”

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