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Book Review: Captive Prince

Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat

This is Book 1 of a trilogy. This was badly written fanfic about Damianos a prince who is sold into slavery by his usurping half brother. Damianos ends up the property of Laurent a spoilt brat sadistic princeling from another country. He has a vile personality and causes much trouble.

Laurent parades around in a court of rapey, sex addled perverts. This book is gross, racist and I'm sure Books2&3 lead to Damianos unlocking the heart of the animal abusing, malicious jerk Laurent who always has darker motivations. Laurent's actions lead to runious results. This was devoid of logic and the world building makes no sense and this is not compelling.

Laurent plots and does everything for a sinister selfish evil purpose and acts like he is righteous. Laurent has a wilful inability to be a decent person and he engages in wilful misconduct and deserves to die. This book is horrible, bleak and appalling.

Best Lines:

“Noxious personality.”

“You are cold-blooded and honourless.”

“Intentional provocation.”

“Partook of those refined sports that courtiers sometimes indulged in, and which other participants would allow him, being their prince, to win.”

“Unrepentant arrogance.”

“You acted out of petty malice.”

“Sly-natured and unfit to rule.”

“At your age, your brother was leading armies and bringing glory to his country. What have you achieved in the same time?”

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