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Swamp Thing (2019) 1x01 + Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer (2021) 1x01 Reviewed


There apparently was a previous 'Swamp Thing' tv show. CDC doctor Abby Arcane is sent to Marais Louisiana to investigate a deadly illness, she meets Alec Holland and his very small shorts, Avery Sunderland, Matt Cable and Liz Tremayne and a mud borne virus. There are mystical secrets and body horror because something strange is happening in the swamp.

The green flu strikes and this was cancelled due to a budget dispute. I never read the comics but I saw the Heather Locklear movie. There is a frightening harbinger and vines and a tireless presence in the swamp. There are many and bleak esecially horrifying events. Plant life is very belligerent. Crystal Reed of 'Gotham' and 'Teen Wolf' plays Abby. Will Patton of 'VR5' and 'No Way Out' plays Avery. Virginia Madsen of 'Designated Survivor' and 'Candyman' plays Maria. This was very green. The strange illness spreads and an obviously sick child is ignored.

This was throughly gripping and ominious events take place. There is a moment of reckoning and a fairly unpleasant illness. This was melodramatic and CDC doctor Abby never ties her hair back and she can't dispose of her gloves properly. Avery and Maria's daughter died many years ago, a death for which many in the town think Abby bears culpability.

Abby does not wear googles. This was deadly serious. Alec is eyed suspiciously. Marais is a hostile place. This was compellingly quirky. Alec and Abby go investigate the scary noise. Why is Alec manspreading in this tiny shorts? The disease is pitiless. 'Titans' was a dismal experience. This was not. Alec has presumptousness.

Alec has a lab in the swamp, but it is actually Avery's? Alec wants to be liked by literally anyone. Alec is the strange friend. Plants get very belligerent and particularly sinister. There is an emergency town meeting full of shambolic hicks. Will Patton has aged badly. He's self centered and arrogant. Maria is his wife. What were the epidemics of 86 and 92 in Marais, epidemics of?

Abby doesn't wear a mask or gloves or tie her hair back during an autopsy on a plague victim?!? FFS! She has no concept of biohazard protection. There is gross imagery in this. Alec makes wildly speculative claims. There is a screaming kid. Why did Alec have a lighter? A dive bar is visited. Liz works for a town paper. Marais still has a town paper? Called the Marais Echo Weekly no less.

Madsen and her face full of fillers hates Abby. Maria has indignation and disharmony and resentment. Things are slowly, awfully revealed. Abby needs to wear gloves, a mask and floatation device in the swamp. Abby has a terrible reputation in town. Avery and Maria's dead daughter was Abby's BFF. How did she die? Alec gets shot. By who? Then a flare gun is shot at him to blow him up. This was very good. There is weird stuff in the swamp.

What about the dog? This was overkill. Alec is still not dead. The vines come for Alec. Is this Swamp Thing's origin story? Abby ends up in the swamp with rising concern. Tim Russ of 'Star Trek: Voyager' was in this.

Best Lines:

“That was just a gator right?”

“I like references that aren't from the 1980s.”

“Very important man around here.”

“Be everywhere you shouldn't be?”

“Epidemic intelligence service.”

“Masks, gloves and googles.”

“No offence.”

“Some taken.”

“Seriously messed up.”

“Not that kind of visit.”

“You're wearing designer flip flops.”

“Swamp puts food on our tables!”

“Swamp had enough!”

“I don't got money for doctors.”

“This is where everybody in Marais hangs out.”

“I want you gone.”

“Mistakes we make define us.”

Devil In The City Of Angels

This limited series is about the serial killer. It's the 80s and LA had the Olympics. The serial killer causes extreme terror and fierce opposition. The opening credits are interesting. The killer had desire to engage in violence which lead to very poor outcomes for those he targeted. There were misguided assumptions and this was grossly inadequate and disquieting.

Police see the very worst. This was grim and detailed. The killer had no morals and it was a tragic era. The killings were a grave matter and of grave import. He had an ignoble legacy. This was sadly dire. The hunt for a deranged, unhinged killer is made boring. People recoiled in horror. He was an utter psycho.

There was cynical calculation and there were dire warnings and this was deadly and ghastly and terrible. There was tremendous fear and this was absolutely horrific. Thedespicable killer glares psychopathically from photos. He was pathological. There was concern for public safety. There was moral ruin and this was astonishing and perplexing and appalling.

Best Lines:

“Heavy, heavy combat.”

“I want to see you scared.”

“Wanted a confrontation.”

“Weird looking character! Somebody has to know him!”

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