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Movie Review: Paranormal Activity (2009)

Katie and Micah have a problem, their house has something evil in it. Also Micah is a giant tool who makes the situation worse. He goes out of his way to antagonise the invisible demon that is stalking his girlfriend. He buys a camera to film the weird goings on and himself being a jerk ass.

This film is fairly creepy. A door shuts by itself, something unseen casts a shadow and an unattended ouija board bursts into flames. This is demon just messing with the couple. The too dumb to live Micah flings talcum powder around the landing to see demon footprints, goes alone into the upper crawlspace, ignores the ouija board spontaneously catching fire and yells at the demon to bring it on. It does.

If Micah hadn't annoyed the demon, things may not have got as bad as they did. This wasn't that scary but it was creepy with an unnerving sense of building and impending menace.

Still one question remains, how did the couple afford a two storey house with three bedrooms and a pool when Katie was a student and Michal a daytrader?
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