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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Night Stalker' trailer

1985 and LA is a very dark place.

'Swamp Thing' (1990) Intro

Nice music.

What's a retail historian?

Recall yoplait or Vienetta? Or Calvita? Or Ribena?

How did I lose my appeal to my ex? My ex = wilfully awful. I was once cherished by someone else. My ex is completely unapologetic. My ex = cold and uncaring.

'La Brea' sounds interesting.

'The Way We Were' Quotes:

“Starchy retail palaces.”

“One of the reason's punk happened.”

“Icon of the past.”

“Supermarket celebrity.”

“Potatos should come in a nice package.”

“Ate just like his grandfather.”

“Country bachelor.”

“Peasant food, let's call it what it was.”

“What are all the slim girls eating?”

“The look that leads to looks.”

“Tv rental man.”

“Food spend.”

“Social welfare aisle.”

“Fought viciously for crumbs.”

“Once powerful.”

“Collapsed spectularly.”

“Refer to them as the enemy.”

“Food war.”

“Embarassing interlude in Florida.”

“Had little appeal for the youth market.”

“Very own national jeans brand.”

“Weren't really regarded as hip.”

“There's what I want.”


“Reshaping how we shop today.”

“Chaos and uncertainity.”

“Delightful! I miss it!”

'Crack' Quotes:

“Born in deception.”

“National discussion.”

“Got some rock?”

“Some loser smoking crack throwing her kids away.”

“Crack crisis.”

“Crack street.”

“Bedrock middle America.”

“Crack plague.”

“Crack kids.”


“Epidemic that was not.”

“These people we can disregard.”

“The people deserve no help.”

“Anti crack motorcycle patrols.”

“That's what they are: scum.”

“Demoralization that rules the slums.”

“This scourge will stop.”

“Crack economy.”

“Appalling charge.”

“Very ugly thing.”

“Rise up in disgust.”

“Didn't care no more.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Stars from a bygone age.”

“Ideologically nonconforming.”

“Dwindling level of compliance.”

“Wilful silence.”

“Medical risk.”

“How far back does this or any genration's responsibility for past wrongs extend?”

“Sneaking regarders.”


“Bitterly regret.”

“Graveyard of ambition.”

“Cannot define the value of our work until it is appraised by a society or marketplace other than our own.”

“Be in any way challenging.”

“Civic obligation.”

“Inheriting son,”

“Clearing the house of non-inheriting siblings.”

“Quite vitriolic.”

“Both stupid and ignorant.”

“Allowed to get away with consequences.”

“Narrative and innuendo.”

“Issued an angry statement.”

“Clearly deeply upset.”

“Familial shame.”

“Denounced the request.”

“Established in their peer group.”

“Little interest in dwelling on the past.”

“End the nuisance.”

“Put off by its reputation.”

“Wrongly assumed he had died not once but twice,”

“Incorrectly classified him as dead,”

“Household needs.”


“Unpayable debts.”


“Re-examine your life plan.”

“Oppressive manner.”

“More wills to get upset at.”

“Disrupted family units.”

“Intellectually incapable of understanding what they were doing.”

“One or all of your step-siblings conspired to persuade your stepmother yo favour them, actively or otherwise leaving you with no inheritance.”

“Insufficient assets.”


“Promised legacy.”

“No discretion in this regard.”

'Tiny Pretty Things' Quote:

“Love the artform.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Stern talking to.”

“Parent him out of.”

“Put an end to that.”

“Danger to the community.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“All alone.”

“Life, soul and confidence.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Banished from the community.”

'Captive Prince' Quote:

“So the country will be ruled by a bastard and a whote,”

'Killer Families' Quote:

“A lot of people have problems with their in laws. But they don't wind up stabbing them to death.”

On 'Hollyoaks': JP has tireless self-preoccupation which George uses to manipulate him. It shouldn't be funny but it is. There is no fun or filth in this. JP is so stupid, he fawns over George and calls him amazing. JP makes bad relationship decisions.

This was not coherent and consistent. JP is contemptible. George is unsinister. JP has constructed a narrative in his head where he's the endless victim of drama and chaos. He casues endless drama and chaos. Has he ever said sorry for cheating on James with NF lout Ste? George acts eminently reasonable. JP is devoid of human empathy. This plot is grimly fitting for JP. He calls George amazing, usually.

Why is Tony talking to his bitch sister? JP has self-blinkered ignorance and he spews hysterical conjecture. JP treated James unsympathetically. JP deserves to be piteous. George is very wicked. JP cannot get beyond his own selfish interests and JP has to promise not to hurt George again. This was inept.

Best Lines:

“Had my whole future mapped out, now I've got nothing.”

“Bad blokes.”

“Sad and single.”

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