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Star Trek Discovery 3x13+Tiny Pretty Things 1x08+The Great 1x02+Emerald City 1x08-1x10 Reviewed 🩰

That Hope Is You, part 2

Osyraa carries out an insurrection. Hugh stares. Things do not conclude quietly or in joyfully silly fashion. Osyraa and co have invariably negative attiudes. People are despairing and what do Paul and Hugh see in each other? Adira's former pal shows up somehow and for some reason. This show makes no sense. That makes no sense. The Emerald Chain are jerks. Vance broods.

Michael and Book are in peril. The green bitch throws a tantrum. The ship is thrashed. The air is turned off. Paul whines like a 5 year old girl. The Ni'Var show up to help. Michael is a tool. Osyraa has no moral imperative. Osyraa is self-satirising in her badness and bad acting. I don't care about the holodeck dwelling radioactive freak who can't act. TPTB are imbibed with a yearning to create real art. There is no interest. The beardy guy bores – was he on 'Jericho'?

Book gurns. Is Grudge safe? Grudge is not seen in this ep. The radioactive burk tantrums. He has endless scenes – NOBODY CARES! Jake Weber guest stars. Michael blubbers and she's more concerned with her boyfriend than her crew. The green bitch wears heels and has dirty fingernails. One of the crew has free diving training. There is technobabble.

We see the turbolift network. Burnham and the green bitch fight. Book drools and there is a 007 homage and a 'Superman 3' homage. The green bitch aka miss tight top perky tits finally dies, finally. Why is beardy forgiven? Book can use the spore drive? People are selfish. The radioactive freak's mother has been rotting away for nearly 3 decades. Ick. Vance has a daughter. Where is she? The radioactive freak never smelt his dead momma? Eeeww. Su'kal is ridic. How did Su'Kal know about the Burn? Yes it was his fault. Su'Kal acts like he is special needs. How did the crew fix Discovery's nacelle? Burnham orates. How can they see the dead Trill host? The UFP rebuilds. The Trill rejoin and it seems Ni'Var might as well. We see an alien sky. Discovery gets ugly new uniforms. The guy from 3x01 is FINALLY back.

Michael is made captain after Saru, Pike and Lorca. Vance ships dilithium to planets that need it. Discovery had nice uniforms and the new ones are foul. Where is Grudge?!? This was not good and it ends with a Gene Roddenberry quote.

Best Lines:

“Ignominous record.”

“Fire on Discovery!”

“Orion hearts have 6 valves.”

“How long can it hold?”

“5 minutes at most.”

“Our alliance was refused.”

“Take her time killing them.”

“Civilian emergency transport.”

“We don't need to escalate this.”

“Pestilence cache.”

“Now is not the same for soft hearts.”

“We are not losing this ship!”

“The Federation would come for me.”

“If outside exists.”

“Wanting is not the same as doing.”

“Maximum intensity!”

“Thermo-chemical bomb.”

“That would explain a lot.”

“Nacelle breach.”

“Blow ourselves along with it.”

“Spore cube.”

“Help you be seen, truly seen.”

“Didn't do things the right way.”

“You are no longer alone.”

“Brightest of all these mini suns.”

“Made the world shake.”

“The sky has no limits.”

“How this future began.”

“Honoured beyond words.”

“Bring them hope.”

“Let's fly.”


Ramon and Monique had a gymnastic sex scene during which she kept her shapewear on. And her underpants. Ramon is gross and crude. The Archer was in crisis before Monique took over and rebuilt it. Ramon is covered in chavvy tattoos. There is no team spirit. There is professionalism, fatigue, frustration and sex scenes which are way too explicit. There is sex trafficking at the Archer. June's attempt to catch a predator went awry.

Shane is a ho? There are dark embraces and Bette had a car crash and there was distain and sjw crap. There was antipathy and angst and half assed mayhem. There was sinister inevitability and havoc wreaked. This was infuriating and there are increasingly aggressive types. Nabil left but then hadn't. Tensions are not calmed. Teens are distraught and Ramon does provocation. Cassie's family finally showed up and they're turning off her life support.

I don't care about June. Shane's underage, they're all underage. Nobody cares. Bette's injury is out. The cop bothers Bette. This was bewilderingly flat. Nabil lingers. There is horrific acting and this was lifeless and rudimentary as people have existential crises. There is a scholarship function. Oren is a dolt. There are devastating insights and Neveah is being kicked out. This is fading into irrelevance.

This was not intriguing. Monique and co are awful in many and terrible ways. This was woeful and nobody cares. There is anger and injustice and Oren vociferously annoys. This was nonsense. This was inadequate. This was not deeply complex or complicated. June bitches and whines. Lord she is awful. This was listless. June is such a dumb bitch. Nabil throws a badly acted strop. Didn't he leave?!? There are disrespectful behaviours and this was not compelling. Oren bores.

Just awful things happen. This was embarrassingly bad miserabilism. One is not impressed. People act in various destructive ways. June finally learns Bette is a liar and a fake friend. This was a farrago of nonsense. Bette's awful and this was not impressively written. There is no dark levity and Oren asks someone to be decent. They won't. This was not bleak, clever or artfully composed. Bette calls Cassie her sister. Bette strives and there is self-indulgence and this was not nuanced or musing.

This was filleted of meaning. Suddenly Caleb cares about Nabil? Bette is sinister sounding. This was hokum. Bette has haughty derision. This was especially wretched. Cassie lives. There is a meandering lack of narrative drive. People are moral monsters and Bette is awful, truly. There is a banality of evil and creepy men with baleful influence.

Best Lines:

“A whole lot more employable.”

“The thing about patronage? It eventually runs out.”

“Turn to the next rising star.”

“You might at least make corps.”

“I don't much like you right now.”

“I'm not inviting input.”

“Some rando he met on Grindr!”

“Given them magic.”

“Even magic comes at a price.”

“Stalking his insta.”

“That's not how scholarships works.”

“Friend of yours?”


“Awful things happened because of you!”

“Betrayed every friend I ever had trying to get ahead.”

A Fake Beard

Catherine aka Yekaterina plots against her idiot boor husband. The court is a horrible vile place. The emperor is vile and rancid. Catherine eats oysters. There is plotting and morons. A serf is beaten. Peter has the dinner table covered in severed heads from the war with Sweden. There is no dignity or purpose.

Best Lines:

“A sword was found in his back. Though it's unclear how it got there.”

“Cakes in the shape of woodland animals.”

“Of sour face.”

“Wig hats.”

“Angry mad person.”

“Proved yourself incapable.”

“The taking of an empire would be effortless?”

“Unhappiness in a court is contagious.”

Lions In Winter

Tip denies she is Ozma. Glinda drools over Lucas. Why is DG so stupid? Lucas and Glinda are married? Jack bores. Glinda is a bitch. Lucas' name is Roan. Where's Toto? Ev and her stupid masks bitches. Lord I hate this show.

The Villain That's Become

The Wizard tantrums. The Cowardly Lion has shown up, sorta. Toto shows up. DG is thick and tries to murder Roan/Lucas. Tip is a boy again. There is no sinister intensity. Lucas' personal revelation bored. DG can't be positive or pleasing. This show is cumulatively dull. DG has vicious distain. Glinda has a miserable and inert mindset and a self-verifying mindset. The Wizard is so fat and has a silly accent and grandiosty. Tip cavorts. There are darker intentions and disturbing intractability. DG is reckless and immoral in deed and word. There is histronic acting. This is grinding. Tip seethes and is ghastly. The Wizard tantrums and is an egotisical loser. DG is selfish. Ev dies. Tip becomes Ozma again, she is clearly capable of terrible things. Ev was a robot all along. Jack grabs an axe.

Best Lines:

“Damned me to live here.”

“The Wizard's whore!”

No Place Like Home

Ozma takes the Emerald City and is an awful person. There is moral poverty. Eamonn is the Cowardly Lion. Jane is DG's mother? What about Karen? DG is a bitch and unleashes The Beast Forever aka the Nome King. Ozma gets a tacky crown which makes the 'Return To Oz' one look classy. DG still helps the Wizard. FFS, they are destroyers. Glinda is malign with toxic egoism. Jack got chopped up. The Wizard dies. DG gets home. She's a hateful person, shockingly so. She ditched Toto in Oz in a warzone! Lucas comes looking for DG. Why? He should kill her. Who saved him? What can she do to save Oz? She's shockingly unpleasant and consistently unkind. This was tedious and unsavoury.

Best Lines:

“They're afraid of us.”


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