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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Crack' Trailer

A documentary about crack, the Reagans, the DEA, money, urban blight and scandal.

Best Lines:

“Wonder drug.”

“Make you sell the clothes off your back.”

“Turning a blind eye to cocaine smuggling.”

'Back' series 2 promo


'Clarice' trailer

It's 1993 and things get deep and dark for Clarice. Awful men, brooding and mmm.

Best Lines:

“Living in fear.”

“It always gets worse.”

Non-alcholic mulled punch – nice.

Buffalos eat christmas trees?

I want Chanel oversized faux pearl and resin earrings. I want a handkerchief hem skirt and collar cardigan.

Who read 'The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall'?

Who saw 'Insignificance'?

What is thermal water?

My ex was previously affable. My has disinterest and I feel dejected isolation. It is a tumultuous time. I feel disconsolate. My ex did a significant betrayal. My ex cast me aside. My ex has a lack of care. My ex's affection was random, intense and fleeting. Why is he so woeful?

I'll review 'Deadpool 2'.

I'd try pumpkin gnocchi and roast artichoke and spiced chestnut soup.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Consequences of the options.”

“Pulled some products.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Delusionally desperate.”

'Tiny Pretty Things' Quotes:

“The hunted for years of course.”

“Gratitude expressed.”

“Done such dark things.”

“What dark thing it was?”

“Not every girl earns her way in.”

“Twisted beautiful artform.”

“Kings and emperors once paid for ballet.”

“Dance is a twisted business.”

“No room for scandal.”

“They have power, what do we have?”

“Could actually be a nice person.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Cat, Choupette, who had her own maids and diamond necklaces.”

“Those kinds of attributes are not valued.”

“Disgraced the name.”

“Pathetically late.”

“Sells its own mythology back to itself through cinema,”

“Ruined, along with his repellent family.”

“Reinforced why everyone hates him.”

“Suffer or inflict suffering.”

“The nation would never allow it,”

“Viral pathogens circulating in the population.”

“Teenage girls – a group whose consumption of literature has been fretted over for centuries.”

“Being trapped in a pub with a disturbed alcholic.”

“Wilfully and coarsely lashed out.”

“Hopelessness of it all.”

More desperate you feel.”

“Urgently attened to.”

“Find his jolliness objectionable at almost an existential level.”

“Cultural myths of individualism, self-reliance, self-interest and a belief in meritocratic principles.”

“Men gone bad, often see as corrupted in the tropics.”



“Would-be spreader of disease.”

“Deliberately imposed historical amneisa,”

“Defends her reputation.”

“Has his epic work ruined by a mad academic's footnotes.”

“See comedy as people saying witty things to one another.”

“Single-minded obsessives.”

“Lacks social, intellectual and ideological diversity.”

“Doesn't occur to them that there is another point of view.”

“When it comes to good looking people: we ascribe them good intentions on the basis of nothing more substantial than the symmetry of their faces.”

“Moderating influence.”

“Take years before the consequences of that damage become clear.”

“Deep public trauma.”

“Some will never forgive.”

“Not today liberal.”

“Violently deranged persons.”

'Global Weekend' Quotes:

“Corona deniers.”

“Digital hate.”

'The Perfect Murder' Quotes:

“Promising future violently cut short.”

“Great natured perosn he was.”

“None of them has a bad word to say.”

“Of questionable character.”

“Get up to bad things.”

“Not being held accountable.”

'Under The Yoke' Quotes:

“The photo-reducer to prepare microfilms for storage.”

“Pre-packaged emotional responses.”


“Tired light.”

“Utter mercy.”


“Certain damnation.”

“Hereditary enemy and oppressor.”

“Set this loose of the people Christ died for.”

“Wrong to take pleasure in another's downfall, even an evil man's vengeance was the Lord's, He would judge.”

“Hard pity.”

“His promises are dust.”

“Crazed refusal.”

“That was still a dangerous thing to say.”

“That meant immediate execution if they were fortunate.”

“Even against the Draka.”

“Would be paradise compared to a Draka victory.”

“A chance for salvation even for such as him.”

“A long time since anyone with any sense believed what they read in newspapers and magazines.”

“She knew what Draka were trained to war virtually from babyhood in military boarding schools, but meeting the results in the flesh was something else again.”

“The rightless chattel who made up nine-tenths of its population.”

“Draka had a firm unwritten tradition of seeing that such did not live long enough to breed and weaken the Race.”

“About what used to be, I try not to think at all.”

'Blackadder II' Quotes:

“Black months of St Herod.”

“Foul-minded perversity.”

'Little Boy Lost' Quote:

“What is going on in your house?”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Look at the dark, acknowledge it, allow the difficulty of it and then intentionally turn your attention to the light.”

“Preserve your sanity by keeping your expectations spectacularly low.”

“In a town where the tropes took over.”

“Frozen in popular memory as mid-1970s disco kings, a toothy trio of beaming men in open-chested white shirts.”

“Experienced their lives in other places and other contexts they hadn't previously imagined or considered for themselves.”

“Made powerful enemies around the world.”

“Unprecedented combination of hostile forces.”


“Embodied memory.”

“A landscape now denuded of any visual, historical or architectural culture.”

“Mall-based chain.”

“Societal issues.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Refused to comply.”

'Hot Shots 2' Quote:

“Satisfy my craving to kill and win.”

'Murder Made Me Famous' Quote:

“Horrible, horrible choice.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“National character trait.”

“Transient sense of achievement.”

“Partners over the years but none has lasted.”

“One ex rather classily gave a story to a newspaper.”

“Horrific experience.”

“Her life does seem to have been, you know, untroubled by success.”

“Came in, like a breath of stale air.”

“A vague tribunal of irate tweeters decree you're persona non grata for contravening the more sof the day.”

“I'm refusing to be cancelled.”

“A 24-hour pub brawl.”


“The stuff of nightmares.”

“Unsettling insight.”

“I was once chased down the corridor by a man who believed he was being spied on by pygmies.”

“A bleak time.”

“Significant personality disturbance.”

“Bleak prognosis.”

“Capacity to desist.”

“Troubling aspect.”

“Domestic chaos.”

“Consumes her to this day.”

“After the event.”

“Feeling wheel.”

“Negative connotations.”

“Clearly distraught.”

“Held suspect views.”

“Deliciously dark.”

“Driven by irrational responses and perverse reasonings.”

“Moral endings.”

“Certainty, natural justice and fixed moral codes.”

“Abandoned by everyone else.”

“Taken Freud uncritically at his own self-estimation.”

“The possibilities of the world.”

“Best of corporate intentions.”

“Only person who can bend his will.”

“Malign her reputation.”

“Carries from one generation to the enxt.”

“Crowd will be looking for enemies,”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“How truly terrible they all must have smelled.”

“A love interest strides into a room, deliciously angry about someone meddling in the affairs of the tenant farmers.”

“Axe wielding maniac on a snow mobile.”

“Stories etched on their faces.”

'The Riordans' Quote:

“You'd find more flesh on a tinker's stick after a row!”

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