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Movie Reviews: Black Narcissus + Crack 📦📦😃😃

Black Narcissus (1947)

Bitchy thankless nuns go mad in Nepal. Mr Dean lurks shirtless and in shorts. This was medicore.

Best Lines:

“They smell!”

“You are unforgiveable!”

Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy (2021)

There are talk of super-predators and crack babies. This documentary is good and shows how cocaine was an accepted social drug of the elite. But crack had a detrimental impact. This has horrible suprises and poverty and talk of Richard Pryor's 'accident'. There is talk of freebasing and former dealers are interviewed and they justify themselves.

People looked desperate. People would rather deal drugs than work at McD's. Crack was sold in vials but where did the vials come from? There were cynical actions. What is a cultural historian? There was harsh reality and a murder campaign and people lowered their standards of decency. Crack was not morale boosting. The seriousness of the situation was ignored.

There is detached coldness and sinsiter intensity in this supremely disturbing documentary. There is anguish and morally dubious types. There was hideous danger and a catastrophic series of disasters left people abject with meisery. There are pitiful reminders, grossly irresponsible types and irreverence and incitment and pathetic responses and depressing predictability.

People earnestly discuss their apparent indifference. Nobody accepts responsibility. There is mounrful energy. This exists amid its history and context. There is antagonism and judgment and money came at great personal cost. People suffered significant personal consequences in a very hostile environment. Malign types shrug off guilt. Grave happenings got grimmer.

These violent delights had violent ends. Things got unusually vicious and people have long memories. Passions run deep. People are manacled to class assumotions. This was unsentimental. Time moves irresistibly forward. This was rage filled but felt performative in places. Peoples own inadequacies were shrugged off. There is discontent and psychosomatic oprression. There is anti-police talk and people spew bile and are volatile and averse. There was no moral instruciton.

Best Lines:

“I love cocaine.”

“Glamourous thing to do.”

“Still picking up the pieces of the 80s today.”

“Never get back.”

“Responsibility's been good for him.”

“Horrible, terrible time.”

“Armed up.”

“You run this entire 5 block stretch.”

“Get your head popped off.”

“Corrupted almost everyone.”

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