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Go For Broke

Jared Harris, Ciaran Hines and Tobias Menzies feature in this period drama. In 1845 – ships set off and were last been in Baffin Bay. Then they vanished. All that is left of them is buttons. There is ice and cold and the ship's crew grow fearful for their future. There are sideburns and this has self-satisfied literariness. People have no infinite caution.

Men have sneering impatience. They think they are failure proof. This is not a defining epoch. There is a ship's dog. There are no beards. There are accents and fancy china and old fashioned hairstyles. Who are these people? A man coughs up blood. There are interesting opening credits and Ian Hart is in this. Ugh. Greta Scaachi features in flashbacks.

This was based on a Dan Simmons novel. The blood cougher has TB. This was produced by Ridley Scott. We need names! Names! Names! One of the 2 ships is called The Terror. A man falls off the crow's nest.

The ship's log is seen. Franklin (Hinds) was the subject of stage plays. Franklin looks like a bog body. Where is the chaplin? A surgeon pokes at the TB victim. Who is Sir John? The TB patient is suddenly dying. Men sleep in hammocks. The TB patient sees an ugly naked guy. Officers are uncaring and there is pack ice. How do they climb the ropes without falling? A diver is sent down to remove ice from the propeller.

Are people wearing wigs? There is a ship's monkey. There is ice damage to the propeller. The flagship's efficency has been compromised. Ice increases in thickness and amount. Francis Crozier (Harris) wants to be safe and over-winter. Franklin doesn't listen to him. Franklin is a terrible friend. Were atoms known in 1845? There are 4 arctic veterans on the expedition. There is a snide jerk and hubris. Franklin goes on about glory and destiny.

The crew have to use pick axes and grenades as ice breakers. It does not work. The ships are becalmed in ice. What are ice anchors? The compass isn't working. Where's the cold breath?

Best Lines:

“I don't know what the hell he's describing.”

“Tell those who come after us.”

“Shot the marksman off the walls.”

“An ice report.”

“Would that he were here with us now.”

“Officer's country.”

“Putting a dog above a man.”

“Technology still bends the knee to luck.”

“Nothing worse than a man who's lost his joy.”

“Should be better friends to him.”

“Despises glory.”

“Praise your loyalty as he buries you.”

“Interesting speculation.”

“No question is needed.”

“It wants us to run!”

“He will ask.”

“Something transpired.”

“Pilgrim to the deeps.”

“Long wanted to move below.”

“We may not have weeks.”

“This place wants us dead.”

“God and winter will find us in safe water.”

“You know what men are like when they are desperate.”

“Earn our loved one's cheers.”

“An adventure for queen and country.”


It is 1847 and they've been trapped in the ice for 8 months. How do they have food and water? There is a cold looking ship's cat. The ship has a engine? There is still no cold breath. There are kegs of something on the ship. The sails have been raised. They have to drag a boat across the ice. There is so much ice. They're screwed.

Greta Scacchi shows up in flashbacks. There is a cairn on the ice. It's been there for 70 years. Were 2 men at it on a ship? There are ships cats on board? Plural? Poor things. The boat sled was attacked. A pipe is smoked. Provisions have rotted. How do they have water? Franklin was a jerk and wouldn't let his niece marry Crozier – presumably because he is Irish. There is talk of poor reindeer. People worry about the ice crushing the boats.

There is a storm and massive hail. It is fairly obvious that this is filmed on a set. Inuits are encountered. As is a bear thing. A dog poos and the dog is called Neptune. Crozier has a toilet in his cabin. There is another Irish crewman. Crozier is from Dundalk. A doctor will not help the surgeon with the injured Inuit. The surgeon is looked down on. Crozier can speak the Inuit language? The Inuits are father and daughter. Why didn't they ask the Inuits for help?

The Inuits are sensibly dressed for the cold. There is screaming and yelling. Franklin is not friendly. There is no thaw. A truly awful man stirs the pot. The Inuit man had no tongue. Franklin says the Inuit are not their concern. There are racist jackasses and moonlight and relentless brutality. This was dull. There are dark purposes and they're in a sorry situation and this was ponderous. Crozier is discontented.

Best Lines:

“You never lost my friendship.”

“Disaster knocking at its doors.”

“I brood not that I judge.”

“Serve at your command.”

“Hard to imagine anyone coming here, ever.”

“Man afraid of chaos.”

“He's a disappointed man.”

“Bear his grievances.”

“No-one's first choice.”

“Not our brightest star to follow.”

“Made of hope.”

“He proposed. Again.”

“Shoot it in the head. Carve it up for supper!”

“Statement of gratitude.”

“Tally your value.”

“Captain of a great ship.”

“Take your boats away.”

A Teacher 1x07-1x10

Eric is in a frat, smoking pot and friends with losers. Tragedy and bitterness and mumbling are this life. Eric has been cheated of destiny and deprived of glory. Claire went to jail. There is cynical cruelty and this was dreadful. Eric's calamitous mother is no help. This was dreary and gimcrack and dismalness. One feels sick disgust. Claire is contemptible. She's up to pettiness, deceit and sneaking around. There is deliberate cruelty and this was an unmitigated disaster. This was so boring and unoriginal. Claire is useless and appalling and gets out of jail and this was preposterous. Claire is blase about the shocking events she set in motion. This was not off the charts dramatic. Claire is not terribly appealing or remorseful. Claire goes on Tindr dates. Matt is angry at Claire. Years pass and Claire gets a new hubby and 2 kids. Eric tells Claire off.

Best Lines:

“Hording pee.”

“I don't know how I ever loved you.”

“Teacher slut.”

“The damage that you've done?!?”

Beautiful Wickedness

The Wizard is a fake. Lucas is in peril and there is no subtle, restrained acting. Jack and Tip reunite. The Wizard took the city from its king. Glinda has secrets. War is coming. Lucas has secrets. I don't care.

They Came First

The Wizard is a fascist. Ev whines. DG is moronic. Unimaginative. Lucas gets his memories back.

Best Lines:

“People are scared.”


“He wasn't my loss.”


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