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Power Rangers Issue 2 + Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Crisis On Infinite Earths Reviewed

Power Rangers Issue 2

Jason the unrepentent thug and traitor has no decency. He's needlessly aggressive and spews his dubious opinions. His actions have had a very negative impact, casued significant anger and impasse and their dire situation has a severe escalation. Jason's actions have no objective or rational basis.

This was ridiculous and Drakkon is even more of a dull homicidal maniac. Jason won't apologise or admit he's wrong. How do they have a spaceship? Zack and Trini are fools. There are incoherent fight scenes and Trini has a big hammer. Jason's idiocy has led to disaster. Drakkon's in a bad way.

Best Lines:

“Turned into intergalactic outlaws.”

“Your leadership took us to Earth for guidance. Instead, Zordon is now calling in every favour he has to track us down.”

“We don't know what's waiting for us out there.”

“Bunch of space vampires.”

“We are the Horrid. And we are hungry.”

“Your spirit tastes of sorrow. But your will...delicious.”

Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Crisis On Infinite Earths

I've no idea who these heroes are and the art is ugly but this was good. Who are the Justice Society Of America? WTF is the cosmic treadmill? Who's Surtur? He's some demon with a genocidal cause and old heroes in dated costumes show up to fight him. Who are the All-Star Squadron? There is an apperance by The Spectre and who is the Green Lantern?

The Spectre looms. Robin dies in undignified fashion. There is a Kara Zor-L who is Power Girl. Who are Nuklon and Dyna-mite and TNT? Kara Zor-L and Huntress wear bathing suits. Wonder woman does a suicide attack and a dog howls plaintively. Uncle Sam dies and Washington DC is in flames, oh the irony.

Starman talks about his cosmic rod, okay then. There were 3 flashes: Barry, Wally and Garrick. Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman had a daughter: Hippolyta Trevor. A dude in a bow tie who looks like a sex offender has magic and is a kid sidekick all grown up. An aged Superman broods. This tries to be of monumental historical significance. The Sandman lurks and this tries for moody intensity. What is a keystone salute? Starman and Flash are geriatrics and Aquaman broods and the Green Lantern is called Alan and he chats to someone called Todd/Obsidian.

Surtur wants ragnarok, a terrible deal is struck and there is a dread lantern. There is inevitable futility and absolute anguish. I never heard of the Green Lantern named Alan. There is a vindictive demon and the Earth has a future, at a cost. There is no total intensity or desperate tension and this was nostalgia fuel. fuel.

Best Lines:

“Hell is what I bring you!”

“Doomed Earths.”

“A Green Lantern gone foul. A father forever in atonement. A light that once served justice forever serving death.”

“Can the true cost even be reckoned?”

“Unholy oath.”

“Damning words...”

“Finding a void where once his home had waited.”


“Battled to their last...”

“Spoke big.”

“Destruction is my sole function.”

“Avenge their fate!”

“Die stupid.”

“We will never stop fighting people like you.”

“Rally them, inspire them, win this...save tomorrow, like you always do.”

“The greatest enemy we ever faced.”

“What happened to the man of tomorrow?”

“What good's the JSA mascot against a demon like Surtur?”

“Spawn from the very ash of Surtur's foot-steps!”

“We're damn good at putting genocidal maniacs in their place.”

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