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Movie Reviews: WarGames + Pieces Of A Woman + Tag

WarGames (1983)

A hacker nearly causes WW3. Tiresome.

Best Line:

“How can anybody get a D in Home Ec?”

Piece Of A Woman (2020)

A woman feels diminished by failure. There is a long awaited delivery, a future shattered and she is unmoored by loss. Vanessa Kirby, Shia La Beouf and Ellen Burstyn star. There is public reaction and this was not enormously significant. This was self indulgent. Shia and his serious actor beard swears. The labour goes wrong and this causes irritation. Characters are troglodytes and she derides everything. There is no logic.

People are insecure and low expectations weren't met. This tries to be grave and there is derison and this tries to be deeply personal but isn't gripping. They're deflated and riven by division, there is a witch hunt against the midwife. This causes impatience. This was a non event and is way too try hard. People are unwavering. Shia snorts something off a desk. Interest is curtailed. People grow increasingly unhappy with the way she behaves. She causes aggravation and more aggravation. One is aghast at this nonsence.

There is no clarity and she's stridently annoying. This was not dark and difficult. This was negligible. This was full on Oscar bait. Issues are weaponised. Burstyn does a monologue that puts Kirby's overacting to shame. This was appalling and not coherent or thoughtful. People look for scapegoats and this was not painful. There is court and yelling and disgraceful behaviour. There are invented narratives and resolve and canards and this was of no benefit. There are assertions and implications.

Best Lines:

“Piling mistake upon mistake.”

“Don't you want someone to answer?”

“Pay for her incompetence.”

Tag (2018)

Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner and their mates play tag. This is a true story. For 30 years they've played tag. This film has a downward spiral. They attack each other like baddies in a slasher film. These are grown ass men who act like children. There are no lofty expectations as grown ass men engage in reckless actions. These allged friends are acrimonious. They all live in different cities and they're not sweet souls. A reporter witnesses their latest game. Women are not assertive.

There is pot smoking and the man babies seem to have no families. This was absurd and one can't even be borderline enthusiastic. The game seems like wilful cruelty and the tagging scenes are filmed like Marvel fight scenes. Renner broke both arms filming this.

Has Renner done something to his face? There is recklessness and irrelevance. This was cringe worthy and a complete and total and inept catastrophe. These man babies have no decorum. They played tag at a funeral! They have an inability to be normal. This was illogical and unpalatable. They fight in a mall and at an AA meeting and at a wedding! There is appalling antagonism and deranged actions and this was dementedly incompetent. They've self delusion.

This was not affecting. This was terrible and they're weirdly excited to play. Western culture has just given up. There are no interesting character arcs and this was very, very below average. This was pointless and some of the stuff in this movie actually happened and it was really written up in The Wall Street Journal. Leslie Bibb and Isla Fisher were in this as WAGS.

Best Lines:

“Insane even for him.”

“Goes feral.”

“Mad confusing.”

“To live in the past is to die in the present.”

“Reason to be in each other's lives.”

“Time is a construct.”

“Live in shame.”

“What kind of bitch drinks Hazelnut?”

“Typical wood stuff.”

“Own arrogant thoughts.”

“Maybe we're bad people.”

“Our friend is a psychopath and this is scary.”

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