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1997 or was it 1998 was so long ago

Cleared out a tape from 1997/1998. It had four TV shows on it. One season 3 ‘Due South’, one season 2 ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and two season 6 ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’.

The ‘Due South’ was ‘Burning Down the House’ which saw Vecchio unceremoniously booted off the show so Fraser could bond with his new best friend Stan. Fraser returns to Chicago to find his apartment burnt down, Thatcher has an ugly new haircut and some guy is for some asinine reason pretending to be Vecchio. The Stan pretending to be Vecchio plot quickly vanished anyway. Stan yells a lot especially when he and Fraser drive Vecchio’s burning Buick through the city. This was okay. The postcard from Vecchio at the end was sweet but the Stan/Ray switch never did it for me.

Best Lines:
“You returned. Upon reflection I imagine that pleases me.”

“I will kick your head all around this room.”

The ‘Buffy’ ep was ‘What’s My Line part 2’ which sees Kendra duh vampire slayer show up. Angel is way too passive. Kendra has a horrible fake accent. Xander and Cordelia get together. Spike bores. Drusilla is more interesting and menacing. Willow dresses like a 1970’s BBC kids TV presenter. Buffy dresses like a meth head. Drusilla and Spike do a ritual to get her strength back which looks like an Amsterdamned club stage show. Everyone is caked in makeup. Why doesn’t the holy water burn Drusilla? The ominous music at the end is good but this ep is mostly unmemorable.

Best Lines:
“Back off Pink Ranger!”

“A very dark power is about to rise in Sunnydale.”
“And what’s your great plan for finding this dark power? You just going to attack people randomly until you find a bad one?”

“There’s a slayer handbook?”

“I sort of test well you know, which is good. Except that it leads to jobs.”

“Who sponsored career day today? The British soccer fan association?”

“You and bug people Xander. What’s up with that?”

The 1st ‘DS9’ ep was the Jadzia and the “walking frown” that is Worf get married ep: ‘You Are Cordially Invited’. Martok’s wife shows up and is unimpressed with Jadzia. Worf conducts bizarre pre-wedding rituals. Jadzia is rude. A sweaty male fire dancer does a routine, nice. The controlling Worf’s wedding suit makes him look like medieval pimp. Jadzia’s dress is nice. This is a lot less good in retrospect. I prefer the Leo/Piper nuptials on ‘Charmed’. Wonder if anyone gave Worf and Jadzia a Thunderstick A200 as a honeymoon gift. The marriage wasn’t to last. Jadzia died aka held out for too much money. Dull.

The 2nd ‘DS9’ ep was the token Mirror Universe ep ‘Resurrection’. The Bareil from the mirror universe shows up. I vaguely recall liking Bareil once but not anymore. He romances the pencil shaped Kira. This is yet another excuse for Kira and Jadiza to talk about nothing but men, men, men and oh yes, men. This ep is too red. Bareil turns out to be a baddie. Evil Kira and her stupid outfit and OTT evilness shows up. This was dull.
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