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Trailer, Quotes & 14 Tape Tales

'Soldier, Solider' opening credits


Salted caramel fudge – nice.

Unami seaweed dark chocolate – okay.

Cleared out 14 tapes. 📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼

Peter Strauss and Desmond from 'Lost' were in the same ep of 'Law & Order: SVU'!

Has my ex even once considered me? My ex is culpable. My ex is utterly disappointing. My ex has cold disinterest. My ex = implacably horrible. I feel terribly betrayed and have tremendous anger. My ex severed links.

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Ethical duty.”

'Papillon' Quotes:

“Man of Christian understanding.”

“Heard about my wife? She married my attorney.”

“Beyond the point of return.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Swabbing centres.”

“Relentless strain.”

'Marian' Quotes:

“Rather terrified person.”

“No control over any aspect of her life.”

“Good scrub down.”

“Fact sheet.”

“Very extreme in tone.”

“World turned its back on me.”

'All Is True' Quotes:

“In talk with me.”

“Coming to my house a calling.”

“Tear the heart from a fool that wronged him.”

“Coldness between them.”

“What you wish and it isn't to be with us.”

“Bleak thought.”

“Dreaded your visits.”

“Become the property of another man.”

“Pretty thoughts.”

“Plague corpse.”

“The logistics of mounting the battle of Shrewsbury in the banqueting hall of Hamption Court.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Mental harm.”

“When people keep sacrificing, they expect the gods to relent and lift their curse. When the gods decline, the people turn on the high priests.”

“Malignant liars.”

“Dispel the air of panic.”

“Had few choices.”

“Morally degenerate.”

“Find their work so little appreciated and frequently reviled now?”

“Impossible to get a fair hearing in the media that had demonised all religious involved in that work.”

“Disobedience, including absence from home.”

“Never seen again after that night, alive or dead.”

“The deer were the reason the Phoenix Park existed.”

“Cancels dinner arrangements or outings for better offers.”

“Let's treat a zombie apocalypse as if it's somehting that could potentially happen.”

“Has nudey ladies and scowling.”

“Didn't exactly have culture flying at us back then,”

“Better than they had any right to be.”

“His job was simply to churn out melodrama to keep the drunken masses from rioting, but in the process he set the template for western drama and a benchmark for elevated wordsmithery.”

“Once you start using social media it can be used against you.”

“Risk of an ill-advised post coming back to haunt them later in life.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Vectors for infection.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“You're not talking the truth.”

“We have no relationship.”

“I'm so grateful for that.”

“You are a failure.”

“Going down the wrong path.”

“Making smarter decisions.”

“Cause bad consequences.”

“Gives no consequences whatsoever.”

'Accused' Quotes:

“Not going to have any friends anywhere.”

“Can I ask what kind of trouble you're in? Oh dear, that's terrible.”

'Under The Yoke' Quotes:

“A matter of the intellectual will.”


“Terrible sameness of each day.”

“Terrible rumors about what lay beyond.”

“This is a bad place, serfs, but it can always be worse.”

“Even gratitude has its limits.”

“I am your fate,”

“Exactly what the Domination is an' what we intend.”

“Excess of personal aggression.”

“Little is known of the pre-conquest culture sof Africa – the Draka shattered them too throughly-”

“Increasingly alien ethos of liberal rationalism.”

“Needed a world view and belief system which would make them comfortable with what they were.”

“Devastated lands and populations primed to revolt...”

“Very old damp stone.”

“Goin' be a long, bloody business. Three generations, minmum, even after we've wiped out mass literacy;”

“An aristocracy of uncouth militarists ruling a brutalized peasantry of landless serfs.”

“Hating eyes.”

“Created from nothing by a generations-long act of collective will, produing a political culture that exalted discipline, service to the state, the military virtues, ruthlessness, and a hard, unsentimental realism.”

“Small minority of immigrant conquerers with the simple technology of the eighteenth century.”

“The Draka loved neatness, puddles offeneded them.”

“An object of fear.”

“You will serve me all your days, and your children will serve mine.”

“The shattered empty cities.”

“He would not have been risked over enemy territory if he did-”

'The Perfect Murder' Quotes:

“There is no hope.”

“Didn't see joy in her life over him.”

“Reneck territory.”

'Staged' Quotes:

“Does shout at birds.”

“Still involved.”

“Doing what?”

“A bit unnecessary.”

“Wilfully opaque.”

'Disappeared' Quote:

“Stalking pattern.”

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