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Movie Reviews: The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne + The Vigil + All Is True

The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne (2020)

Ozzy talks about alchol and dope but not his music. We see photos of a young Ozzy, back when he was known as John. Ozzy was bad at school, due to a learning disability. Ozzy can't be understood, you need subtitles. His ancient sisters speak. What about his brothers? Black Sabbath are old men. His 1st wife is mentioned, but not seen nor are any of the children from that marriage.

Their manager robbed them blind and caused turmoil. Sharon talks of her father. This was inconsequentialness. The dove incident is discussed. This was glutinous. The bat incident is discussed. Black Sabbath would throw raw meat at their fans and the fans would throw things back. Ozzy needed rabies shots after the bat incident. The Alamo incident is discussed.

This was pathetic and santised. Sharon and Ozzy seem to have a toxic marriage. There is bad hair and did he snort a line of live ants? Possibly. Kelly has been styled since her reality tv days. Ozzy talks of going to Betty Ford. Jack and Aimee talk. What about the other kid who lived with them during the reality show?

Ozzy's attempted murder of Sharon is mentioned. People seem to have total indifference to the whole attempted murder incident. Sharon desperately wants to believe her marriage to Ozzy is a love story. Intense and disturning things are ignored. His life seems bleak squalor. Ozzfest is mentioned as is the reality show.

Sharon got colon cancer. This was not a necessity. Sharon and Ozzy were once in ICU at the same time. Billy Idol appears for a few seconds. There is disdain and Post Malone and Marilyn Manson.

Best Lines:

“The class laughed at you.”

“Bad guys in the area.”

“My band kicked me out.”

“Drunk and loaded.”

“Locked us all in a Wendy House.”

“Branded empire.”

“Get fit, you die quicker.”

“Did a lot of cocaine in the 80s.”

“To be Ozzy Osbourne, it could be worse. I could be Sting.”

“Grew up with nothing.”

“If I was sober, I'd never have urinated at the Alamo.”

The Vigil (2020)

A former member of the Hasidic community keeps vigil for a dead man and encounters a demon. The watchman protects the soul from unseen evil. There is devilment and disruption, pitfalls and disasters. This was not unflinching. There are no coping mechanisms. This was not a distraction. There are competing ideologies. What's the narrative here? How do we know what's the truth? The man falls further into despair.

There is resolve and people are aggravated. There is esoteric hidden knowedge, mumbling and subtitled and unsubtitled Yiddish. There is impunity and this was inconsequential. People try to decondition. There are detrimental effects and this was furiously earnest.

A woman is ungrateful. There is glorification of exclusion. This annoys with meticulous zeal. This was mad and one needs perseverance to get through it. What is wrong? This causes indifference. People are simmering with displeasure and frustration and negativity and noise. Interest diffuses and dissipates. A woebegone man is sad. This was so dark, so incomprehensible. This undermines integrity.

People are overtly or implicitly hostile. This was an awful, unmitigated disaster. This was absurdist and phoney and appalling and not innovative. There are flashbacks and old cultural spaces. There is no shared life of the community for the man. This was pretty bad and dull and absurd.

Best Line:

“We lost hope.”

All Is True (2018)

The heyday of Will's towering talent is over. Kenneth Branagh and Ian McKellen star. It is 1613 and the Globe burns down and Will heads home. Now Will needs to embrace humble way and the certainity of death and he will never write another play. He dreads the possibility of home and children. He's divisive. He goes on and on about Hamnet and ignores his daughters.

Will is much-revered but has no cultural clout at home. He has tumescent self regard and haunted relationships. This was utterly hopeless and he ignores his role in his family's distress. They have a nice house but are miserable, horrible people. This was not heart wrenching. There is no vibrant legacy. His son in law is awful. There are absurd sitautions and puritans and an unloved daughter. There is tragic reality and accusations and vitrolic attacks.

Best Lines:

“Bring me some ale.”

“To us you're a guest.”

“Act from honest faith.”

“Not be ruined twice.”

“Most foully used.”

“Not to pee on.”

“My husband does not approve of fancy stuff.”

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