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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Doctor Who' promo

Who or what is a John Bishop?

'Star Trek Discovery' 3x13 promo


'Pandora' season 2 promo


'The Magicians' season 1 promo

I miss this.

'The Expanse' promo


'Grimm' season 1 promo

So crap with bad VFX.

Best Lines:

“This won't end well.”

“For you.”

Smoky sea salt choc – mmmm.

Sea salted caramels – okay.

'Scream For Me Sarajevo' (2020) – no.

RIP Tanya Roberts.

Fixed LJ issues.

Matthew Goode and Paula Patton were in a dire take on 'Four Kids And It'.

My ex made a shattering decision. He's not terribly sorry. My ex has pique. Over WHAT? My ex did lies and false promises. My ex has pathological reluctance to say sorry. I wish my ex would have made different decisions. My ex doens't care about me at all. My ex = vicious and spiteful. I had impossible expectations for my ex. How did I displease my ex? I have the terrible awareness that he doesn't care. My ex = lamentable. Did I have unreasonable expectations of my ex?

I'm done with 'The Feed'.

'Flight Of The Navigator' is a really bad film.

I won't read 'The Push', 'Be Not Far From Me', 'The Lost Witch' or 'Haven't They Grown'.

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Was your boyfriend a gun toting drug dealer?”

'Business Post Food & Drink' Quote:

“All the things the awkward customer is known for: unreasonable menu alterations, odd allergies, wines returned for no discernible reason.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Studying druidery.”

“Venomous demonisation.”

“Violent provocations.”

“Blaming people's personal behaviour.”

“It takes a special kind of person to admire results achieved through means such as these.”

“Something was deeply wrong.”

“Various unsavoury narratives emerged.”

“Cultural shame.”

“The chess thing.”

“Have druid names but they don't wish to reveal them.”

“Two Facebook accounts, a personal account and a druid account with their druid name. Because they don't want to come out as druids.”

“Life as you know it ends.”

“Was irresponsible by the metrics of the time.”

“Half a lifetime ago now.”

“Failed to respond to corrective procedures.”

“Feared her activism more than they feared the repercussions of killing her.”

“Might erupt at the slightest provocation.”

“Verbal disputes in the street.”

“Find reading really boring.”

“Pissing himself at the dinner table before falling asleep with his face in the pudding.”

“Permaculture co-operative.”

“Unlawful or forbidden pastimes that draw together the baser sort of person.”

“Non-participatory cultural experiences.”

“Another tale of frayed male egos.”

“Nobody much liked.”

“Crumbling pile mismanaged by the effete, idssolute family heirs.”

“Uneasy portent.”

“The true extent of what we have lost.”

“Insistently reasonable tones.”

“Boutique liberals.”

“Less prone to motivated reasoning.”

“The lower orders were not merely inept but “sinister”.”

“Divided aims.”

“Shamefully stood aside.”

“Grim encounter.”

“The caring-sinister scale.”

“Long since ceased to exist.”

“No meaningful existence.”


'Marching Through Georgia' Quotes:

“Wondered what I had done to anger him.”

“This is defeat, so avoid it.”

“Ruins needed time to achieve majesty, or even pathos.”

“Their place in the scheme of things.”

“Inextinguishable flame.”

“If you want mercy, old one.”

“Not somehting you did with any great hope of survival.”

“Normal belligerence.”

“These were not my people, and I wanted to go home...”

“Inhumanly functional civilization.”

“Fighting for a bad cause.”

“Feed cities we never saw.”

“Place of abomination.”

“Had stopped thinking because thinking because thought brought nothing that was good,”

“He recognized that look; it was common enough in the world his caste had built.”

“Fought on long after the death of hope because there was really nothing else to do.”


“Generations of victory and merciless repression.”

“The right to instant and absolute obedience.”

“Painful hope.”

“I promise nothing, absolutely nothing.”

“Nihilistic lunacy.”

“Generva Convention? In Russia? On the Eastern Front?”

“No man steps twice into the same river.”

“The home I was remembering doesn't exist anymore, because the boy who lived there is dead, even if I wear his name and remember being him.”

“Obey because they're used to obeying.”

“No prospect of anything better,”


“Any different social system is a deadly meance to us.”

“We'll have to conquer the Earth.”

“A place to escape to, hope for overthrowing us.”

“Gotten just strong enough to terrify people.”

“Hostile by reflex.”

“Demanding reforms we couldn't make.”

“To survive, we've got to make sure nobody else does, except as serfs.”

“We've never conquered a country where everybody can read,”

“They would kill and kill until they dwell alone in the Earth.”

“A living knife.”

“Conquer and live.”

“If we perish, we shall take a world with us: a world in flames.”

“Resistance and death.”

“His scientists might have given him the means to make his dreams literal truth.”

“Justinian's church of Holy Wisdom falling into the fire.”

“We own a quarter of the human race and the habitable globe.”

“Suffered bearable casualties-”

“If we don't, our cities will burn, and our books. A hundred years from now, German will be a tongue for slaves; only scholars will read it – Draka scholars.”

“Draka did not surrender and were not taken alive.”

“We shall beat the nations into dust and reforge them in our self-wrought image: the Final Society, a new humanity without weakness or mercy, hard and pure. Our descendants will walk the hillsides of that future, innocent beneath the stars, no more between them and their naked will than a wolf has.”

'Four Kids And It' Quote:

“Have you see what they eat?”

'Papillon' Quotes:

“You, they own.”

“Make him happy for 10 minutes.”

'Murder In Amish Country' Quotes:

“Couldn't make anything work.”

“Quiet, moral community.”

“Most ungodly thing.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Nanofossils are notoriously difficult to interpret,”

“Altered the fabric of the planet.”

“Leaving behind a tangible legacy of such magnitude.”

“Lived somewhere in the 90s.”

“Got used to being ruled, to being told what to do or what not.”

“Keeper material.”

“Ruins of traditional social structures.”

“Evade the vengeance.”

“Snarling taunting.”

“Pushed his soliders too far and ended up being chased up a tower and killed by them.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Toiled from the beginning.”


“Had done nothing wrong, she was portrayed as the problem.”

“Worst stuff I've ever read.”


“Gaint Haystacks of gruff retro-soul.”

“Affected her career decisions.”

“The one where Cruise fights a helicopter.”

“Professed pragons of virtue.”

“Waited to be happy.”

“Culture privilege, mysticism and nostalgia.”

“Live in mercy.”

“No writer ever enjoyed a life more wretched than his.”

“Died a national hero.”

“Fate, however, lurks behind the door with a cosh.”

“Pretends to be into God, morality and philanthropy.”


“Angry frown.”

“Lured to strange places.”

“Without understanding that it was wrong.”

“The universe appears to be silent and uninhaibted.”

“A galactic-wide civilization, such as mega structures sucking up the light of the stars, or even the remains of ancient, now dead, civilizations.”

“Calamity was simply a feature of their profession.”


“The shame of the underwear drawer.”

“Do not intend to assign blame.”

“None of this was pleasant,”

“A ghastly breed.”

“So far from saintly workforce.”

“Self shutout.”


Watched a 'Before They Were Famous' show: Clint Eastwood advertised milk in the 1950s and Leonardo DiCaptrio advertised bubblegum in the 90s and Ricky Martin and Russell Crowe sang. Ross Kemp did training videos, one for STDs. A young Harry Potter was seen. Julian Clary sang and Graham Norton was in a corporate video!

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