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Black Narcissus 1x03 + Star Trek Picard 1x07 Reviewed 👎👎

Black Narcissus 1x03

Dilip Rai and Kanchi are caught together. Nuns confront their desires with tragic consequences. There is current and continuing evil, maybe. There is a negative impact and lost faith. Clodasgh has intransigence. There are negative issues and one is impressed. Gina McKee shows up. The nuns are terribly at odds and unresilient.

Why are they questioning children about the queen? A nun kicks an idol. What about the constant wind? Ruth has a snide voice and mad eyes. Tension is not alleviated. There is not so secet contempt. This was crapola.

Clodagh's position does not denote wisdom. There is a lack of enthusiasm. There are constructive relationships just antipathy and cultural catastrophe. There is chastening and consternation. Where are the cats? Everything is utterly condemned and provoking recrimination. Dreadful events will unfold, eventually. People are disconcerted. Clodagh's not shaving her head. Fingerless gloves are worn in Nepal. Clodagh did something or other at some point.

A girl is to be cast out but Clodagh stands up for her. One worries about their behaviour and decisions. There is overwrought soap opera acting. What is the bloody point? What is Gina McKee's accent? The nuns are vilified for a sick baby. Sister Blanche made an error. They're not deeply embedded into the community. Did Mr Dean fight in WW1? Clodagh was forced into the convent after a love affair.

Mr Dean and Clodagh have issues. Ruth freaks out. How do they wash? Ruth dresses up. Where did she get the dress and the lipstick? A cat is seen. Where is the light in Mr Dean's shack coming from? This was not devastating. There is attempted murder and suicide. The nuns leave. A horse has a ribbon in its tail. Mr Dean and Clodagh say a fond farewell, her name is Catherine. How was Sister Ruth's body found? No thank you.

Best Lines:

“Determined to make an enemy of me.”

“Not an easy personality.”

“No place for the troubled or the difficult.”

“God must surely have come to her assistance.”

“Rather well sent up.”

“Created order from chaos.”

“There are distractions.”

“Spiritual health of what you're building here.”

“Stand down your spoon.”

“Ever so kind.”

“Invited to the funeral of Queen Victoria as well as the last couple of coronations.”

“Make speed to save us.”

“Fallen into bad ways.”

“Strayed into sin.”

“Of the lowest caste.”

“What Mr Dean said is of no consequence.”

“Brings order to the world.”

“I did not like it.”

“Likes so much to play the rebel.”

“That wasn't right.”

“All privilege, no responsibility.”

“If you spared the rod occasionally, there wouldn't have been an uprising.”

“Knows what you are.”

“Mr Dean sees what you're like!”

“A grievance that festers infects us all.”

“Listen without distraction to our inner conversation with god.”

“Must follow the will of god.”

“World's a harsh place.”

“Hates me. They all do.”

“Do as she pleases with what's left behind.”

“No judge of anything.”

“Desire belongs to men.”

“Shabby little story to tell.”

“Whatever promises you'd made.”

“Love turned to hate.”

“Madness of love was in her.”

“I learned how to shoot in China.”

“I fear this is a wicked place.”


Oh messed with Jurati. How can a Romulan mind meld? Oh babbles about a terrible sacrifice. People yell. Hugh dies. Riker, Troi and their daughter Kestra are visited by Picard. Poor Hugh. Rios is useless. Narek and his useless sister bore. Riker can't act. Troi and her fillers can't act. Riker finally calls Picard on his arrogance and TPTB no longer hide how tall Riker really is. The AI whines – oh piss off bitch. Is Kestra's hair a bad wig? One is incredibly negative about this.

Best Lines:

“I blame you for this!”

“Tractor locked!”

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