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Movie Reviews: Taking Of Pelham 123+Thief Of Time+Capricorn One+Spree+Papillon+Hope Gap+Firestorm

The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974)

A subway train is taken hostage. This was okay and starred Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, Martin Balsam, Hector Elizondo, Jerry Stiller and Doris Roberts.

Best Lines:

“Keep dreaming maniac!”

“20 buck a trick hooker!”

Thief Of Time (2004)

A sacred burial site is looted. Wes Studi stars with Peter Fonda. This was based on a novel. There is bad acting and a woman with dyed orange hair and hot pants for reasons.

Best Lines:

“Threw a bag of potato chips.”

“Has to be a conspiracy.”

“Grassy knoll theory.”

“A pot thief.”

“Semi-retired loser.”

Capricorn One (1977)

This is a wildly OTT, over acted stealth parody of moon landing conspiracy nutters. A mission to Mars is faked and Elliot Gould, OJ Simpson, Sam Waterston and James Brolin yell and run and yell and run.

Best Lines:

“Managing to ruin the country.”

“What about the slums?”

“Talking about reaching the stars.”

“Big tall white thing over there.”

“Put crazy people into space.”

Spree (2020)

Thirsting for the social media fame that eludes him, a ride-share driver livestreams his killing spree from his car. David Arquette plays the nutter's dad. Kurt, said nutter, has a livestream called Kurt's World. There is swearing and his views and engagment rarely reach double digits.

Kurt has a scarring effect and finally goes viral. This was not exceptional. Kurt is cringe inducing as he seeks mythical status. He gets adulation by murdering people in his car. This does not work satisfactorily. There is no intensity and this has no interesting aspects. This was not a great achievement.

Kurt resolutely wants to be infamous. He's consistent and resolute in his determination to murder with grit, resolve and enduring determination. He plots fatally but meets his match. This was an wannabe indictment of fame seeking wannabes. There are no awful realisations.

There are ominious promises and a gun is waved and fame is won but not by Kurt. He is inciteful and inappropriate. This was not a good look. This doesn't bring anything of use. This was not vast and unsettling. The ending is funny. This is a mockery. Kurt knowingly did wrong. This was not hugely engaging. Kurt has an extremist position. Someone gets insta famous. Kurt never did anything original. But he does have fans despite being completely condemend.

Best Lines:

“Completely honest about their lifestory.”

“Double dip my stream.”

“That can be frustrating.”

“Don't go anywhere.”

“It's my house!”

“Close out.”

“You're about to know me.”

“If you're not documenting yourself, it's simple: you don't exist.”

“Screen sharing.”

“Smart. Unlike you.”

“You're a streamer?”

“Full time.”

“Knows she's getting away with something.”

Papillon (1973)

Steve McQueen starred as a French petty crook sent to Devil's Island. This was grim, men are in the nip and Dustin Hoffman is in this too. Fancy women lurk. What year is this? They are to be isolated from any avenue of escape. There are no positive lifestyle decisions. 40% die in the first year.

The endless boat trip sees violence and death and bad hygiene. There is a sucide and death and fake blood. How do they hide a knife? There is indignity and work camps and pith helmets and prisoners turned colonists. There is punishment for trying to escape: 2 years in solitary for the 1st attempt, 5 years for the second attempt and death for another. They're chained to their bedding and this was so grim.

Best Lines:

“The bastards gave you life.”

“You are the property of the penal administration.”

“As for France. The nation has disposed of you.”

“No place to run to.”

“Buy your way out.”

“Nobody's innocent.”

“Hose down.”

“Almost unbearable isn't it.”

“Decent jail with bribeable guards.”

“Make the best of what we offer you.”

“Suffer less than you deserve.”

“Known in all the wrong places.”

Hope Gap (2020)

Bill Nighy and Annette Bening and Josh O'Connor of 'The Crown' star in this slow UK tale of how on a couple's 29th anniversary – the hubby walks out on his wife for another woman. He is ghastly, egocentric and selfish and not sorry. Bening has a fake UK accent.

The gormless son is gormless. The father cheated and moves in with his fancy woman. This was not hugely significant. The father absolutely destroyed his family and leaves his wife in a highly agitated state. His mistress is ugly and bitchy.

Best Lines:

“Or if she was happy.”

“You don't do you?”

“Awful place you chose last year.”


“Making everything into a problem.”

“I have tried for 29 years.”

“She wants to make a scene.”

“A left woman.”

“Poisoned all my memories.”

Firestorm: Last Stand At Yellowstone (2006)

Richard Burgi stars and fights a superfire. Yawn.

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