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Movie Reviews: Killer Hair+Happy New Year, Colin Burstead+The Babadook+Wonder Woman: 1984

Crimes Of Passion: Killer Hair (2009)

What a sad life fashion bimbos chose.

Best Lines:

“We're at a funeral. Not Hooters!”

“Not important enough to murder.”

“Do DNA stuff.”

Happy New Year, Colin Burstead (2018)


The Babadook (2014)

This Australian 'horror' is about a woman who has an out of control brat son who talks of a monster. She's washed out and the son needs a good kick up the ass. He is constantly let away with his usual awful behaviour, he does incessant talking and screaming and is an irritating and obnoxious brat who is annoyingly disobedient.

The brat is bitter and hostile and a problem child. Her husband is dead 7 years. One feels incredulity at how awful the son is. The son is a deranged psychopath and she has no support and is driven to madness by him. The son is out of control and troubled. The poor dog. There is a cruel streak to the son. The mother is an eejit. One is unimpressed by this. There is a creepy pop up book and no sickening dread. The son, Sam, cares for nothing and nobody.

Best Lines:

“We've had the talks.”

“He already feels so different.”

“My daddy's in the cemetary.”

“It's really bad.”

“I know you don't love me.”

“That's the end of the internet.”

“I'm not scared.”

“You will be when it creeps into your room at night.”

“I can't stand being around your son.”

“Your mum doesn't want you.”


“Why don't people like me?”

Wonder Woman: 1984 (2020)

Max Lord and Cheetah are lame baddies. Steve's back. A magic rock grants wishes. The invisible jet debuts. This was...not good. Pedro Pascal who was in the failed 2011 'Wonder Woman' pilot plays Max Lord. He's better than the 'Supergirl' version. There is a Lynda Carter cameo - all fillers and Party City wig. This was the best they could do?!?!?

The Wonder Woman role you didn't know Pedro Pascal had

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