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Black Narcissus (2020) 1x01&1x02+Tiny Pretty Things 1x06+Equinox (2020) 1x01 Reviewed 🩰🩰👎👎👎


Diana Rigg features in this. The sisters of St Faith run a school at the mysterious palace of Mopu in the Himalayas. There is a prologue in 1914, now it is 1934. This was totally mediocre. There is wannabe foreboding malevolence. Jim Broadbent also features. There are staircases with no rails, a death and cats. The Raj is ignored. The nuns have shaved heads. Sister Clodagh oversees the nuns.

A previous school attempt at the palace went awry. There is a rope bridge and nice scenery. Sister Clodagh has a self proclaimed capacity as a leader. There is forced confinement and orchestrated displays. Weirdness is a recurring theme. Who lit the candles? As far as they're concerned the locals have no culture at all. There is a caretaker but no beds.

Mr Dean a handman/lurker oozes temptation. There is no self-realisation just blood and mud. Who builds a palace next to a sheer drop? A poor cat is found dead. Poor thing. There is porno art on the walls and billowing curtains. I never read the book but I saw the film. Nuns can't touch. Sister Ruth lurks.

There are challenges and consequences and talk of typhoid. A mirror is stared at. Sisters do landry. There are no concessions made to location. There are anomalas events. What happened in Sister Clodagh's before time? There is lace making and a lace school and Clodagh bullies Ruth. There is talk of hungry ghosts. There is terminal decline, blood, slapping and this drip feeds the story and hysteria. Clodagh (Gemma Arterton) bores. Dorothea (Rigg) is a cameo. Briony and Philippa and Blanche don't do much. This was mediocre. Maybe I'll read the Rumer Godden novel. There is miserableness. There is an active campaign of hate.

Best Lines:

“Called to do god's work there.”

“Why would I be lonely?”

“Such a closed community.”

“Wish to express a reservation?”

“Wish so much to be important.”

“I expect to see great things.”

“Why did the German brothers leave?”

“Just a holy man.”

“We're the religious sisters.”

“Sent you english sausages.”

“We are safe in god's hands.”

“Impossible place for a nunnery.”

“Of course, time exists.”

“The monks lasted 5 months.”

“Set a living example of a godly life.”

“I don't mean that uncharitably.”

“Make it good.”

“Can't rely on him to come.”

“Approval from the motherhouse.”

“Why don't you sound Irish?”

“His presence is unsuitable.”

“He certainly looks filthy enough.”

“Never mistake indifference for acceptance.”

“Learned that the hard way.”

“Not to look unless you need to.”

“Keep the gaze inward.”

“Like to improve herself.”

“Best out of her father's way if you know what I mean.”

“Expect nothing.”

“Wandering about burning precious candlewax?”

“Allowed yourself to become overwrought.”

“Godless man.”

“People have always been jealous of me.”

“They're boring and tiresome.”

“Service to god.”

“You might think to knock.”

“Jesus didn't grow up in surrey.”

“I'll speak how I like.”


The nuns treat an injured man. It's like talking to a rock with Sister Clodagh. Nuns want to fall on Mr Dean like ravening leopardesses on a goat. There is stupidity. Sister Ruth freaks out. Nuns are incorrigible. Sister Clodagh is incompetent and mortally offended all of the time. People are desperate and hopeless in their drab existence.

This was humdrum and nobody is jovial. Sister Clodagh shaves her head. Where did the chickens come from? Where are the cats? A sister wants to plant flowers. This was turgid and not eerie or chilling. How do they have coffee? Sister Clodagh has a disreputable past. This was irritating. A nun wants to go and apparently does, off screen. Sister Ruth has a fervent desire to be a mean mad bitch. This was stupid and the nuns are hypocritical weakling priggish prudes. There is no health or safety. This was not able. This was repugnant in the extreme. There is no continuity of purpose and no rational behaviour just moral indignation and stifling conformity.

How is there holly in Nepal? This was a howler. There is personal mayhem and people accept the unacceptable and endure the unendurable. Sister Clodagh feeds a dove. There is talk of propriety and nobody is dignified. There is no cold, intelligent ferocity. People don't know their own inwardness, much less others. This does not even make you vaguely uneasy. Sister Ruth won't receive rebuke. Secret fears and miserable joy lurk.

Best Lines:

“Doesn't teach men pupils.”

“Expect unusual things.”

“The superior of all is the servant of all.”

“Waste such a glorious aspect on onions.”

“Unerplant it.”

“Finding our standard of scholarship rather disappointing.”

“Hill crocus.”

“Boiling bones for glue.”

“Loved only her.”

“A baby was made.”

“Speaketh lies.”

“Mountains are watching us, not god.”

“Forget my purpose.”

“Rely on you so much.”

“Never wanted me here. None of you have. Everyone's against me.”

“Teaching the brats.”

“He's not a good man.”

“Better watch out.”

“Push me out as well.”

Joie de Vivre

Is Shane involved in Cassie's fall? Neveah's mother got parole and there's a music video audition. There is bad acting and Nabil's rude. Neveah uses crazy glue to get her through dance with a foot wound. The cop hangs out. This was disappointing. It is a difficult, terrible time for them. Caleb's awful.

Problems are not resolved. Opportunities to care are running out. It is a very difficult situation, a lot of changes are needed for things to go well. This show is in steady decline. June works in a patron's lounge. This was really bad, bad and a huge disappointment. One is bemused. There are maladies and this lacks creative thinking. This was banal and awful. Bette has disconcerting anguish and needs pills. This was appalling.

People are over-confident and complacent and full of hubris. Bette annoys in perpetuity. Shane has a date. There are weird modes and structures and no meaning, just misery. Things done are morally indefensible. The master narrative is that Bette is an active perpetrator of wrongs which are conveniently forgotten. Nabil is excoriated. June is simply ignorant. There is no brutal logic. This was not stark. Bette bores and June is a fool.

There are no intense emotions. Shane is lucky he didn't end up dead in a dumpster at the hands of his date. He may yet end up on 'Dateline'. There are no interests or commitments. This was adamantly bad. There are changes and uncertainty and something wrong is done. One is frustrated by TPTB's unwillingness to do better. This has the capacity to be good. Bette is detrimental. One is fed up.

There is negativity, self-criticism and hopelessness. Bette's full of resentment. Bette is abject and disgusting. This was largely negative. Resentment is bred. This was egregious. Potentially damaging claims are made. Caleb whines. Madam is cold. Caleb's irritable. There is rage and impatience. Bette and Oren shag. People aren't being listened to. This was disastrous. There is no competence, cabilities or intellectual abilities.

Oren is contentious and awful to Shane. There are negative issues. The cop bothers Shane. This was predictable. Madame's name is Monique. Neveah is significantly negative and there are serious concerns. Oren is terrible to Shane. Why is a cop talking to teens alone? Things go in completely inevitbale fashion. This is like 'The Next Step' but with T&A and Bette needing attention, which is often.

June is marginal. Bette ditches Oren, they're the worst. Bette crushes pills with a pointe shoe and snorts them and eats actual food. Why is Nabil comforting June? There is no clarity and June has no reputational damage. Things get contentious. Oren is awful to Shane, who is also treated horribly by everyone with exuberance. There is no high moral ground. Shane faces future chaos. This was not meaningful and there is no decency. Oren causes devastating harm. Monique is not to be trusted. There is no gratitude and fondness by Shane's online hookup, he treats Shane like crap.

Best Lines:

“Viral hospital freakout.”

“Went where he shouldn't.”

“Scored a role on 'Chicago PD'.”

“Getting it tonight.”

“Scared to open myself up so I push everyone away.”

“Find affection in other ways.”

“Think ballet has to be dark and moody to be good.”

“Psycho decor.”

“Far too butch and manly.”

“I want what you have?”

“Which is?”


“Pissed away his best years.”

“Got a thank you note in the shape of a hand grenade.”

“All about you.”

“They don't want you?”

“Mopping up at my school!”

“Get justice for someone nobody liked.”

“Awful things you set into motion.”

“Up in every sense of the word.”

“You're tight, no doubt from cantering about.”

“Feel your power.”

“Write your own story with that body.”

“Took what's on offer.”

“Why do you care?”

“Robs childhood and breaks bones.”

“Owe you an answer back.”

“Not that you did anything to help me.”

It's Going To Happen Again

Interest is marginal in this would be new weird show. Sense is routinely ignored. People have terrible pity. A girl is ill served. People absolve themselves of responsibility and are hostile, aggressive types. This was discordant and disastrous. A girl despaired. This tries to be bizarre, surreal and grotesque.

People wear sailor hats for reasons. A group of teens bizarrely vanish. A hysterical mother screams. Years pass and a missing girl is now a woman. There are weird opening credits and no originality. There is social exclusion and futility and this was stupid and increasingly ludicrous. There are no norms or commitments. The 'heroine' looks like a junkie. This was catastrophic and the junkie has umbrage and discomfiture. 3 of the missing where found. Where they duplicitous? Oh who bloody cares?

Best Lines:

“Repentant is another.”

“21 students don't just disappear into thin air without a trace.”

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