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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Taken' promo

“You'll come to regret that.”

'The Serpent' promo

A true story. Mmmm.

'Equinox' trailer

A Danish tv show that is badly dubbed and about missing teenagers.

Best Line:

“Run off with a cult.”

'Superman & Lois' promo

So much monotoning.

Crinkle cut Irish cheddar and red onion – okay.

Gluten free Belgian chocolate wafers – okay.

Tinned peaches – ok.

My ex has no apologies or explanations. My ex shows disregard. My ex simply can't be bothered. He has no deep regret. My ex needs to make everything right. He made me peripheral. He did total rejection. A life of exclusion and loneliness is not wanted.

I'll review 'Chosen Ones', 'The Last Thing To Burn', 'The Unspoken Name', 'The Dark Veil', 'The Black Coast' and 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 14'.

A 'Wonder Woman 3'?

Who saw 'Party Monster'?

'Sex, Lies and Murder' Quote:

“After a street fight over their mutual boyfriend.”

'Review 2020 – The Media Year' Quote:

“Depend heavily on communters.”

'Ireland: am' Quote:

“Won over the hearts of a nation.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Ideologies were formulated and then exported.”

“Mainstay of our world today.”

“Rarified guild.”

“Accused him of destroying the value of his brand and the notion of luxury in general.”

“High-level protection.”

“Built heritage.”

“Knowledge collection.”

“No attempt to distance himself from his actions.”

“Unwillingness to engage in discussion about his future.”

“Underlying implication that I've been insufficient in picking up the slack.”

“Enforced restriction.”

“Needs to engage in life.”

“The returnees brought the virus.”

“Horrific scenes.”

“Desperate response.”

“Wreaked havoc, whever they went, unintentionally.”

“Conspiring against.”

“Carry big political implications.”

“Address the perception.”

“Concentrate unfairly.”

“Revive debate about whether we owe such an apology.”

“Frustrated with my family's opinion that I'm not offering him sufficient support.”

'Good Morning Europe' Quote:

“Don't tust anything.”

'Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa!' Quotes:

“What you do all day?”

“There's a respectable person!”

“Doing it alone.”

“How's that hole of yours?”

“Expecting me to behave like that.”

“A disaster feels imminent.”

“Why does she speak with him? He's so emotionally inadequate in every way.”

“Higher potential of laughter.”

“Filth fires the soul.”

'Unsolved Mysteries' Quote:

“Sample return mission.”

'Blitz: London's Firestorm' Quotes:

“Burnt to the ground twice in its 1000 year history.”

“Going to be horrible.”

“Own ordeal to survive.”

“Water barricade.”

'Marching Through Georgia' Quotes:

“Things that might have been, things that could never be.”

“Iron creed of duty;”

“There were worse places than this – much worse.”

“Merciless in breaking resistance.”

“Madness come to Earth.”

“Bewildering civilization.”

“Turned out on specialized machine tools, by illiterate factory-serfs who thought the world was flat and that the Combine that owned their contracts ruled the world.”

“Efficient, intellectual killing machine of legend, the amoral and ruthless superman driven by the Will to Power whom Nietzsche had proclaimed.”

“The Domination was founded by losers.”

“In the service of repression and death.”

“There'd be revolution and we'd all be dead.”

“We're just not compatible with the existence of another social system.”


“Eric was a decent enough short, but half the time he just didn't seem to hear the things he said.”

“You succeeded, won your dreams, and that was not the finish of it.”

“Never really been at peace in all the centuries of its existence.”

“A gotterdammerung, where whole nations were beaten into dust.”

'The Francis Street Photographer' Quotes:

“What can you be positive about?”

“Felt pushed to one side.”

On 'Hollyoaks': John-Paul deserves to be in an abusive relationship with his new vile cop boyfriend. JP keeps picking jerks over James and he mocked James being abused by his vile father. JP has it coming. Nobody cares. The cop is so obviously a bad un and JP stays with him. Imran is a crap friend. Cindy is a terrible person and tries to kill Ollie by having him OD on ket in a toilet. Luke stays with her after this. Why is Luke with her? Sid is menaced. Luke apologises to Ollie for throwing him out, takes him home and looks up addiction treatment. Tom is to marry Yas. Where is his and Peri's daughter?

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