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Star Trek Discovery 3x11 + Arrow 1x15-1x17 rewatch + Tiny Pretty Things 1x05 + Supernatural 15x20 🩰


The cause of the Burn is revealed. A Kelpian is found. A boring arch-nemesis returns. Paul mumbles and The Emerald Chain rule, ravage and suppress. They and the UFP are on converging course. Adira bores. Despite being a Trill host, Adira is devoid of personality.

A life sign is on the old ship. The Kelpian captain was pregnant and her child is now an adult. This was woefully substandard and inconsequential. Everything is lost. There is a nebula and this was contrived. The Emerald Chain aren't a profound existential threat. Book lurks.

What is waiting for them. Book and Grudge get irridiated. People don't ponder the advisability of their actions. This was miserable and less than credible. This show has deteriorated considerably. There is a planet made of dilithium. Vance gawps. The Emerald Chain are morally wrong with no sense of guilt. The Emerald Chain are an intractable problem.

Book took his cat into a radiation filled nebula! FFS. I outright disliked this. There is no mythic resonance. Michael says Saru can't be objective, she's one to talk. Paul orders Hugh around. The Emerald Chain are a group of elitist slave owners who benefit from and enforce a brutal caste system they see no issue with. This show sinks lower.

This tries for melancholy. There should be a high level of concern and reticence about Tilly being in charge. Michael says Tilly belongs in the captain's chair. Mcihael is so wrong. How do the personal transporters work? How do you direct it where to send you? Michael and co end up in a holodeck. How does Michael know about Bajorans? We see Saru without his Saru makeup.

Saru gurns. How does Michael know about holodecks? Things float in the holodeck skies. Someone had a devastating impact on the galaxy. Interest is all gone. Discovery's shields are damaged. How did the Emerald Chain fake response codes? Ugly uniforms are seen. How did the Kelpian child live for 125 years? Some cthulhu looking thing is seen. Tilly in command has a terrible impact.

The Orion bitch and her war ship bothers Tilly. What is a transwarp tunnel? The Discovery can cloak and Captain Tilly fails, abjectly. This was grim and a disappointment. Nobody figured the response 'rescue' would evoke in the Kelpian 'child'. Saru, Hugh and Michael are irridiated. Killy would have got rid of the green ho. Tilly did not respond cautiously. There are deep ideological divisions between the Emerald Chain and Starfleet.

This was not fascianting. Paul is a moron. This was terrible. Saru sings a song. Discoveyr is seized by tentacles and Book's ship can transform. The 'child' ruined everything. Hugh stays. How is Adira on Book's ship? What did Adira take? Paul is mind controlled. Tilly is a joke. Lorca would never have allowed this to happen. The Orion bitch chucks Tilly out of the Captain's chair and heads for Federation HQ. Well done Michael.

Best Lines:

“Different choices were mind numbing.”

“No one should experience that.”

“You're dangerously radioactive. Big deal.”

“What you want is irrelevant.”

“Jumpy thing.”

“Waiting for rescue long enough.”

“The hull breach will be catastrophic.”

“Sending to your badges now.”

“We'd be dying right about now. Gruesomely I might add.”

“Too must to hope for.”

“Whatevers in there, stays in there.”

“No one wants that door to open.”

“Correct response codes.”

“Anticipated input.”

“Social units.”

“Outside is dead by now.”

“Ask the impossible.”

“First sentient beings he has encountered.”

“What is it that you're protecting?”

“I have bigger torpedos.”

“He caused The Burn.”

“Social and emotional support.”

“Norms and rules.”


“This is meaningful for you.”

“Scanning for our jump signature.”


Oliver is shirtless. Oliver yells at Felicity. Katie Cassidy wanted an Oliver/Felicity/Laurel love triangle. She learnt nothing from the Oliver/Tommy/Laurel love triangle she demanded in season 1 and which made her hated by fans. There are more endless island flashbacks. Slade got sepis which is cured by magic herbs.

James Callis, Rekhan Sharma and Colton Haynes guest star. Frank yaps. Oliver is a death worshipping fascist. Moira goes on about fixing the Glades and the curing the city. Oliver is a jerk. Moira has mid life disappointment. Felicity is denigrated by Oliver. A thief prances.

Roy Harper debuts. If Oliver has just talked to people about the island – things would have been different. Moira hires China White to kill Malcolm. This was ridiculous.

Best Lines:

“This is me taking it easy!”

“Hydration is not my problem.”

“Super herbs.”

“The undertaking approaching.”

“I am not to be trifled with.”

“Flirty flirt.”

“Who knew street meat could taste so good?”

Dead To Rights

John Barrowman and Alex Kingston guest star. Slade was shirtless. Tommy calls Oliver his best friend – unaware that Oliver was plotting all along to steal Laurel from him. Why is Malcolm suddenly eager to reconcile with Tommy? Did Malcolm ever feel a fundamental obligation to his son? Oliver can be stoic to the point of obstinacy.

Deadshot is back, he has resilence. Oliver takes Tommy out for dinner, while using it as a cover to bust up a mafia joint. Where did Tommy get the tux? Is he living with Laurel or not? Oliver and China White fight. Oliver sniffs a bullet. Malcolm walks off being shot. Tommy finds out that Oliver is the vigilante. Where did the plastic tubing come from? If Oliver had just talked to Tommy, so much would have been different. This was good. McKenna wears excessive eyeliner.

Best Lines:

“How'd it go?”

“Badly for him.”

“The inevitable fight that's looming.”

“Hope on the horizon.”

“Homicidal maniac.”

“Find a purpose for my life.”

“Don't fall over yourself thanking me for spending 6 hours up a tree so you could eat.”

The Huntress Returns

Helena pretends to be a stripper. Her dad made a plea deal. Oliver still dates McKenna. Alex Kingston and Jessica Dr Gouw and Steven Aoki guest star. Laurel's mother is back and babbling about Sara being alive – she's right. Quentin shows off his chest hair. Thea chases Roy – she likes street meat.

There is a strip joint called Alleycats. Tommy is shocked that Oliver is a murderer. Helena meances Tommy and Oliver never checks to see if Tommy is alright. It's amazing how Oliver was so terrible to people he called his friends in season 1. Helena beat up Tommy and Laurel sulks. Tommy wears plaid. Laurel smugs at CNRI and is little miss all about me and whines. Helena gets busted. She dobs in Oliver and nobody listens.

How did Oliver get Helena a fake passport? Oliver tries to murder Helena. She catches the arrow. This was goodish. Helena shoots McKenna who leaves town never to be seen or mentioned again.

Best Lines:

“You have a job”

“Made a not so veiled threat.”

“Sara being alive on Fantasy Island.”

“I wouldn't believe a word of it anyway.”

Tumblr: ImageTumblr: Image

Split Sole

Ramon bullies Bette. Neveah's jailed mother is up for parole. Shane is nice to Neveah. Caleb freaks out on drugs after being dosed. It's the 2nd time a student was drugged. Cassie was the 1st. There is bad acting. Oren is a jerk. There is no logic just a lack of urgency. This was a sad litany. There are bad dreams and Oren is a jerk. There is a naked sauna. June is attacked by her classmates when they find out she drugged Cassie and Caleb.

Oren is a terrible person. This was awful, irrational and utterly detached from the reality of the human experience. This was not particularly good. This was perfunctory. June owes $407 dolalrs and works as a waitress and pays with tips. June gets away with drugging people. Nabil and Caleb forget they hate each other. Like June forgot she hated Neveah.

Doesn't the cop do anything but obsess over Cassie? There are negative impacts and various studnets invade Ramon's loft. There is no intensity and Bette is told to respond positively to Ramon. Nabil meances June to her detriment. One feels wholly dismisive of this. There is no accountability. Bette knows about Oren and Shane. Bette and Oren try to have a threeway with Ramon to get good solos in his new ballet. Oh FFS!

The attempt goes awry. Oren's in denial. This was not emotive. Oren cries and Sahen comforts him. WHY? Why? Why? Bette thinks in a terrible way and has unbearable smugness. There is affected delivery. This was forced and Neveah has become an embittered afterthought. There are obvious contrivances. This was hyper earnest. June is self righteous. This was hilariously overwrought. This was not dramatically compelling. June is a shrill distraction with inarticulate petulance.

Best Lines:

“Just you alone in the light for all the world to see.”

“Big bad world out there and I don't know how to do a thing in it.”

“I come from a family of felons.”

“Show her some love.”

“I quit doing that 6 years ago.”

“Cannot call another ambulance to this place.”

“Tales of incompetence.”

“Loser creep.”

“On what planet does a threesome with Ramon Coasta make things better?”

“It never stops with you.”

“Up on the roof and falling off of it.”

“Getting lit on wine coolers.”

“Earned her way back to this side of the wall.”

“Why am I not good enough for anybody”

“Trained for this moment, fought for it, bled for it.”

“Getting a job.”

“Doing what?”

“Be my chop bitch.”

“Made every bad choice she could.”

“Don't be wrong.”

Carry On

It finally ends. Castiel died after Destiel was confirmed. Dean dies on a bog standard vampire hunt. Sam and Dean have a long, long goodbye chat. If Sam had called EMTs – Dean would have lived! Sam hunts alone. I've read better fanfic than this. Dean meets Bobby in heaven – oh piss off Bobby. Sam got a wife and son he didn't deserve. This was a damp squib.

Best Lines:

“Sad Sam face.”

“Cannibal crap.”

“Something out of Wes Craven's erotic fantasy?”

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