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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'History Of Swear Words' promo

Nicolas Cage. Hee.

'Black Narcissus' promo

Diana Rigg. Nuns.

'Ride Like A Girl' promo


'Star Trek Discovery' 3x12 promo


Gluten free christmas pudding with chocolate cream – nice.

My ex keeps his chilly silence. My ex has his resentful silence. I'm still waiting for a satisfactory explanation from him. My ex upended things and I feel plaintive. He fulminates and smarms. I have hidden pain and my seems entirely uninterested. I feel mordancy. My ex definitely wasn't the man I hoped he'd be. My ex has twisted will. My ex irreparably damaged our relationship.

I want a corduroy skirt and an A line miniskirt and multicoloured crystal earrings and rectangular earrings and multicoloured earrings.

'Murder On Middle Beach' – something nefarious happened.

I'll skip 'The Feed' 1x04.

Solis invicti.

Who saw 'Mike Bassett: England Manager' or 'The Damned United'?

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Transfer of fish.”

“Ancestral homelands.”

“Emergency mode.”

'My Shocking Story' Quote:

“Required a team of firemen using a whale sling from the aquarium to remove John from his house.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Beloved beardy indie band.”


“Onstage adulation.”

“Joke contestant.”

“Signed up to be funny and slightly useless and middle-aged.”

“Befuddled astonishment.”

“Unexpectedly skilful.”

“People want to know your name.”

“Grimmest time.”


“Sulk board.”

“Relies on flawed characters who never change.”


“Everyone is a critic and they are vocal from the first frame.”

“Some arcane art form that isn't relevant anymore.”

“Reputation was all.”


“Rage that other humans don't exist to make her life easier.”

“Became gradually more miserable.”

“Did not disagree with such a view.”

“Accept democratic standards.”

“Provoked the ire.”

“Grievance dogma.”

“Respond to societal needs,”

“Causing nervousness in the ad market.”

“Insufficient demand.”

“React negatively.”

“Socially devastated.”

“Conclusion of humankind's ideological evolution.”

“They were terrible to her and to all my family.”

“Complained vociferously.”

“Felt strangely compelled to watch it.”

“Menacing talk.”

“Never rescued from her plight?”

“Rational understanding.”

“Led her, unsuprisingly, to have a tragic outcome.”

“Long and bitter experience.”

“Incediary potential.”

“Long been wayward.”

“Permanently change culture.”

“Dismiss it as vacuity if you want.”

“Blighted occasion.”

“Atlas stone.”

“Don't believe anything until it is officially denied.”

“Furious energy.”

“Completely nonthreatening.”

“Public judgment.”

“Nostalgia reasons.”

“Settling moment.”

“Incendiary chillies.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“So throughly disgraced.”

“Grim either way.”

“Fundamental decency corroded.”

“Dreadful events.”

“Phenomenally loyal.”

“Viewed with envy.”

“Unselfconscious superiority.”

“The time a plastic surgeon chased a referee off the pitch in a van effort to get him to overrule a decision to send a concussed boy off the field for treatment.”

“Enjoys a massively outsized promience in culture and media.”

“Response online was enormous, and largely hostile.”

“Moral journey.”

“Assertion of virtue.”

'Fungie's Kingdom' Quotes:

“Someone of merit.”

“Dolphin business.”

“Fungie boats.”

'Back To The 80s With Lenny Henry' Quotes:

“2 massive blokes fighting in their pants.”

“Yak polo.”

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