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Book Review: After Sundown, part 3

After Sundown edited by Mark Morris, part 3

Last Rites For The Fourth World

Bigfoot, Fenris, Santa and Nessie etc all die. It is a signal of something happening. No.

We All Come Home

A man returns to the site of a bad childhood experience. This was bog standard.

Best Lines:

“The one who read books and knew about stuff.”

“Could have been nothing good.”

The Importance Of Oral Hygiene

This was a weird tale of the vicitm of a predator. It was not very good.

Best Lines:

“I would rejoice to see all manner of dreadful fates befall you,”

“Repercussions he would visit on you would be most terrible.”

“The door I am no longer permitted to open,”


Another evil child story. This was boring and unfeasibly mundane.

Murder Board

By Grady Hendrix. A musician and his trophy wife play with a ouija board. It ends badly. This was not spare, haunting or oozing dark emotions.

Best Lines:

“Anger face.”

“Those girls didn't invite Caroline over,”

“Never been secret about his rage.”

“Wasn't a warning at all. Maybe it was a statement of intent.”

Alice's Rebellion

A bizarro take on 'Alice In Wonderland'. Okay.

The Mirror House

A woman finds something unexpected in her pantry. Ok.

Best Line:

“She couldn't stay here alone with whatever was beyond that door.”

The Naughty Step

By Stephen Volk. A social worker is called to a crime scene. Bad things happen. Okay.

A Hotel In Germany

I've no idea what this pretty inept and lousy story was about.

Branch Line

In the 1970s 2 boys walked along a haunted railway line to look for some mucky books. This was implausible. Cue a volatile dispute with police. This was innocuous.

Best Lines:

“Enforce his will through brutality,”

“Gaining him nothing and costing him a lot,”

“Lowly place in our world,”

“Ostracised so much during his childhood.”

“No one liked him and he was painfully aware of it.”

“No doubt echoing his parents' views about hippies.”

“I wasn't sure there'd been any such thing as hippies ten years earlier.”

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