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Movie Reviews: Scanners + Black Panther + Mississippi Burning

Scanners (1981)

Michael Ironside stars in this David Cronenberg film. Creepy types provoke suspicion. There is hideous interior design and a mall and telepaths stare at each other. There is death and incoherence and a bus crashes into a vinyl shop. There are fire and gunshots and this was numbing and meaningless.

This is a cesspool of ambiguity. Under a surface of gentility and kindness, seethes a rage so palpable. This was full of peculiarities. There is a fake slap. Things inevitably explode and there are vengeful acts. There are revelations and a horrific ending and Patrick McGoohan. This has 4 sequels! 4!

Best Lines:

“Weapons capability.”

“Far in advance of ours.”

“A scanner underground.”

“All pathetic social misfits.”

“Why are you such a derelict? Such a piece of human junk?”

“Power of his will.”

“Police state tactics simply won't work.”

“Gesture of trust.”

“Never been one of them.”

“Sucking on my joy.”

“Unfriendly forces.”

“Relax. Read a magazine.”

“He died when you blew up his computer.”

“Allowed to live like garbage.”

“That was daddy.”

Black Panther (2018)

There is exposition, fake accents and T'Challa loses his throne. A baddie is named Ulysses Klaue. Martin Freeman and his horrendous US accent shows up. A hate filled fanatic ruins stuff. Ross gets shot and healed. This was melodramatic, mediorce and had bad acting.

Best Lines:

“2 Grace Jones looking chicks.”

“Arms dealer strapped to a chair.”

“I am requesting nothing!”

“Runs around in a bulletproof catsuit.”

Mississippi Burning (1988)


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