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Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Flashpoint +The Red Mother Issue 11 + Mighty Morphin Issue 2 + Misty

Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Flashpoint

All I know of 'Flashpoint' is that one ep of 'The Flash'. Edobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash runs around after Barry Allen did something dumb. Batman and Flash were friends. Batman is Thomas Wayne and Atlantis and Themyscira are fighting. Why? How?

Reverse Flash kills Captain Cold and some randos. Was that Green Arrow? Why would Thomas want his son to be a crazy Robin beating vigilante? Cyborg isn't dead but Aquaman is. Superman isn't Superman but a prisoner. Why is Wonder Woman belligerent? Thawne has plagued the Flash for as long as he lived. Thomas kills Superman, for reasons. The Amazon and fish folk unite. Isn't Thomas alarmed about how vengeful Bruce is? Thawne remakes the world over and over.

New gods show up, maybe. Thawne remakes reality to his liking. I don't get the final image. Thawne's power has divine propotions and divine status. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“His shadow is going to fall across this world...”

“A new, dark world is forged in the fires of their conflict...”

“Don't get up. Really don't.”

“Thawne, from the future, with the stupid name.”

“A mass grave waiting to happen.”

“Nasty fetid reality.”

“My whole life is insane.”

“A land grab until there's only one nation left standing. And it's not going to be us.”

“We were a superpower once, Victor, do you remember?”

“Better than life as an extra on a soap opera.”

“There should have been another man in that chair. A man of conviction and principle. A man who could inspire a nation. But I chose you.”

“I wanted this world to be the way he said it should have been.”

“Others pay the price for his hopes and wishes.”

“A true heroic age.”

“All hope collapses.”

“The galaxy will fall for us.”

“A Gotham without a Batman.”

“A man obsessed with destroying criminals, screaming at the world making it pay for your pain. I could kill every criminal in Gotham before you've taken your morning Diazepam.”

The Red Mother Issue 11

Donut is spelt American style. Daisy sees the exhibit and finally learns her friends and co-workers are conspiring against her. What became of the boyfriend? Cultists do weird stuff and the red mother makes her long awaited entrance. This was good.

Best Lines:

“What? I like donuts.”

“I can tell.”

“This...cannot be stopped. It was set in motion eons ago.”

“That was not his purpose.”

Mighty Morphin Issue 2

Zordon is pissed and wants Drakkon locked up and the Omega Rangers stripped of their powers. Why is Kim defending the thug Jason? Tommy's angry and points out that Jason and his gang plotted against them. Zedd plots and the Green Ranger is obviously a baddie. Billy's an idiot and Zedd springs a trap. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“This is outright defiance and it will not be tolerated.”

“You know sometimes people are put in tough position where they can't tell everyone the truth. It doesn't mean they're awful people, just--”

“Psycho warlord.”

Misty Winter Special 2020

I've missed a few of these specials.


At a fancy school a girl is bullied for having ASDA clothes and for being on a scholarship. Mass hysteria spreads and there is insanity and it ends. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“It's not 1800 anymore and no one dies from TB.”

“I'm not on anyone's side Charlotte. But I think it's very telling that you think I am.”

“Nothing impressive to me about how you're behaving.”

“Been shouted at by lots of self-obsessed troubled young women.”

“Disturbed social norms.”

“Every reported case of MPI in that last fifty years, bar one, took place in a private girls' school. Lucky me. Every incidence stems from a 'patient zero' or 'index case' with a high social capital.”

“Figures of authority can sometimes induce collective, unreasonable disturbing behaviour in large groups of people.”

“Cultural trauma.”

Home For Christma

A babysitter is pranked by ghosts. This was okay.

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