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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Briarpatch' promo


'Black Narcissus' promo


Sour cherry orchard chocolate – mmm.

Carmel & sea salt butter fudge – yum.

Orange creams – nice.

Reese's stuffed with pieces – nice.

Gluten free Belgian dark chocolate, sour cherry & Luxardo (r) Kirsche cookies – nice.

Eggnog – nice.

Violet gin cream – WTF?

I'll skip 'The Feed' 1x03.

Saw the Great Conjunction.

'The Tall Man' Quotes:

“Version that has been supplied.”

“The mutterings were loud and clear.”

“Really shamed him.”

“Felt shamed as well.”

“Capable of extreme violence.”

“Frontier outposts.”

“Violent aggression.”

“Something I can see coming.”

“Didn't respond very graciously.”

“Since settlement.”

“Escapes liability.”

“That's not normal here.”

“Even when he was good.”

“That rotten bastard.”

'Beyond The Tape' Quote:

“Whose reputation as a comforter to lonely gentlemen was well known to the police.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Russell Crowe doing angry in the way that only he can.”

“History isn't kind to men who play god.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Blaring their defiance.”

“Are intolerable.”

“Calm the tensions.”

'Murder Made Me Famous' Quote:

“One of the worst people I ever met in my life.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Missing moments.”

“Trying to remember the point of Christmas,”

“It must be true. She heard it on a podcast.”

“Warlike wheelie bins with grating voices,”

“Several British ferries rammed through French fishing boats to escape, including one at Dunkirk captained by a veteran of the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation. In Pythonesque scenes, French fishermen pelted it with potatoes while British passengers hurled back beer cans. Another ferry blared Land Of Hope and Glory as it broke into Cherbourg, while the French attacked it with Flares. British tourists then engaged in hand-to-hand fighting with fisherman on the quayside to let the vessel tie up. The Daily Mail compared it to the Battle Of Agincourt.”

“Historic justice in action.”

“Disconnected from truth and reality.”

“Palpable decency.”

“Grim reality.”

“Disdains hand sanitiser.”

“Terrifying and indomitable.”

“Routinely mocked.”

“Allegedly irredeemable.”

“He mumbled “Fine day!” “Indeed”, replied the writer, adding after a short interval, “so far.”-”

“Portray accurately their new reality.”

“Manspreading in his shorts.”

“Afflicted with demonic lust,”

“A lot of joy.”

“Overshadowed his story since.”

“Terrible fall from grace.”

“Restrosective misery.”


“Scowling furious.”

“Inital surge of sympathy and popularity.”

“Makes a conscious choice between his own moral standard and that of others.”

“You could always find a barmaid who looked like me.”

“Reliably horrible.”

“Something nobody ever desired.”

“Seeking escape through chocolate.”


“Slightly horrid.”

“Mexican video market.”


“Deleterious impacts.”

“Close the society.”

“Military called in to collect dead bodies.”

“Seemingly inexorable failure.”

“Self-pitying memoir,”

“Sadistic pleasure.”

“Some respect for the norms.”

“Avoid acknowledging because it is too downbeat.”

“Contempt for rational deliberation to the inevitable endpoint.”

“Not much happened.”

“Months of feuding with the British press.”

“Terrifying others with claims he had spies in every Westminister restaurant.”

“Loyal mediocrities.”

'Handsome Devil' Quote:

“A bum in Paris.”

'Moana' Quote:

“Bloodthirsty jaws of inescapable death.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Tony's bastard father dies after madly playing the cello after a failed attempt to poison his son. Somehow Sienna/Brody/Liberty have a daughter named Faith. Ollue has been recast and Tony's father fell down dead into fake snow. Luke and Cindy spend xmas together. When did Ollie become a junkie? Why do people live such a miserable existence in Chester? People find no respite from their problems at xmas. Luke trips to 'teach Ollie a lesson'. Liberty is made to look like the virgin mary.

As part of the ho-hum narrative torpor Luke throws Ollie out. On xmas day. It's not affecting as new Ollie can't act. Cindy blames Ollie for Luke's vile actions. Ollie blames Luke for Buster. This was not overburdened with plot. Cindy is a slut. There is no sustained emotional tone. Luke has no reputation for competence. Sid's injured. Luke and Cindy are happy after throwing Ollie out.

Cindy's son Hilton is never seen. Where is Holly? Imran stole Ollie's babymama. Romeo is a hypocrite. Where is James? Leela's back and orange. Peri dates a junkie/dealer. Juliet is meanced. This was tacky and small.

Best Lines:

“Still working for granny collecting glasses!”

“I am not interested in a single word you have to say.”

“Out being some drug lord.”

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