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Book Review: After Sundown, part 2

After Sundown edited by Mark Morris, part 2

That's the Spirit

By Sarah Lotz. A fake psychic facing social exclusion learns how quickly you become something that you pretend to be. It proves impossible to care about this.


There is exposition as humanity goes extinct.

Best Lines:

“A countdown to the end of mankind.”

“Going to the library with his father, back when they still existed.”

“One of the last generations to be buried in the ground.”

“Cremation of bodies had become mandatory, the ground unable to take so much expired life.”

Wherever You Like

By Ramsey Campbell. This is an okay MR James pastiche.

Same Time Next Year

By Angela Slatter. A girl haunts a graveyard with awful glee. This was good.

Best Line:

“With no consideration of whether getting what they wanted was a good idea.”

Mine Seven

There is exposition as a holiday in Svalbard goes horribly awry. This was mediocre.

It Doesn't Feel Right

Your young child really is an evil bastard planning to do you will. This was excellent.

Creeping Ivy

A gold-digging man murdered his wife. He regrets it. This was okay and I'm sure I've read this before.

Best Lines:

“Thankless aeons.”

“Who will help me?”

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