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Mother Love (1989) part 2 rewatch Reviewed

There is bad acting and idiot cops. Alex yells. Why didn't the cops check the phone records? George is framed for murdering Ruth. Did anyone ever look at his case again after Helena was exposed? Is George special ed? Why isn't he treated as a vulnerable adult? Angela has a 2nd baby. Alex marries wife number 3. Kit gets ill. Alex's new wife has twins.

Helena visits George in jail. Jordan gives up acting to mother Alex's twins. Kit won't tell his mother the truth. Kit has a tumour. This was not seriously original. Helena turns on Angela and has vengeful spite. Lies unravel. Alex has a social life whilst Kit is comatose. This was not engaging or riveting. Helena plans murder. Helena has poisoned marzipan, shortbread and sugar icing biscuits made. They look nauseating. Who'd eat that? Helena's destructive whims reach a tipping point. Helena has no friends, she lives her life for Kit. A child is poisoned but nobody cares. Alex intones about shortbread animals. Helen ends up in a nut ward. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:

“Bad things were lurkimg.”

“The American bitch!”

“Outcasts from life's feast.”

“A bit disgusting I suppose.”

“You're stupid Angela.”

“We make our own choices.”

“Such brutish places.”

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