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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 20 + DCeased Dead Planet Issue 6 + Wonder Woman War Of The Gods

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 20

Xander has remberances of time wasted or so I presume as he's not in this issue. Anya and Willow chat. Jenny's frightening ordeal is ignored as nobody cares about it. Faith shows up. Anya gives Willow something tacky. Willow wears very tight trousers. Wesley shows up. This was definitely unnecessary and had ugly art.

Giles is dumb. Wesley is definitely pathetic. Jenny's still not dead. Do TPTB want us to feel sorry for the incel Xander? There is a cesspool of ambiguity and unpleasant people. This was not believable, inspired or gruesome. There is recrimination. Giles is fractious and venhemently opposed. Wesley mutters about the Irish. Willow obsesses over Xander. This does not leave you satisfied. There are situations I barely understand.

Willow has an unjustifiable position. There are now 3 slayers. There is talk of the council. Who is Morgan? Who is the monster? There is talk of time and I'm confused. I haven't read issue 19. People talk at Willow disapporvingly. Willow screams. Nobody is very well intentioned.

Best Lines:

“In need of something expensive.”

“I don't believe that. I don't think I want to believe that.”

“Didn't he go all—pointy teeth, kidnappy, scary boy?”

“Talking shrubs a normal thing here?”

“Anyone tells you otherwise is a fool or selling you something.”

“I think he just wants his friends back.”

“We have had a breach of trust as a group.”

DCeased Dead Planet Issue 6

Things happen in Australia. Penguin plots as did Ivo and Amazo. Cyborg's blood is recoded. There is talk of a cure and reclaiming the world. The zombies are wiped out. Dinah is selfish and the cure works. Constantine plots. Who is the Phantom Stranger? Jason Blood lurks. Trigon is coming and then he has come. Nightwing and Tim could have been saved as could everyone else. Why save the undead? Isn't Superman eating the sun? Wally West sped read to learn how to make a cure, okay then. Constatine steals Doctor Fate's helmet. How does Constantine have certain powers? Constantine will save the world, maybe. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“I am the sole commander of a super-powered artifically intelligent army that could destroy the very planet you're standing on. Maybe you should review your tone?”

“Part of me misses him.”

“I'm not going to lie. This is exactly as bad as it looks.”

“Take his first burning steps unpon the Earth.”

“Can you be less vague?”

“For a guy who claims he can't interfere, you sure stick your nose in a lot.”

“Did try to kill us a bit.”

“They're not getting any undeader.”

“A devil has come to scorch the Earth.”

“He had come to end everything.”

Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Wonder Woman War Of The Gods

There is talk of Wonder Woman, Circe, Hecate and Shazam as gods of different pantheons fight, for reasons. America declares war on Themyscira, for reasons. Hecate corrupts Diana. A bat eared baddie gurns and lurks. Steve Trevor and Etta are killed off. This was incoherent and confusing. Fighter planes bomb Themyscira, for reasons.

Hippolyta dies. The bat eared guy is a god of fear. Where were the Justice League during all this? The dialogue sounds like it has been lifted from 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'. Who are the Bana-Mighdall sisters? Batman in full costume appears in court, okay then. Batman is held in high regard, why? Sexist men and sweet promises show up. War is incited. There is moral despair and unimaginable loss and emotioanl wounds. There is a terrible cost.

This was overwhelming in its negativity and seemingly irreversible. This was not quietly devastating, just bad. Unjust systems triumph. This was not profound. There is more death. The big fight at the end makes no sense. People do jazz hands at each other. This was piss poor.

Best Lines:

“Themyscira is revealed and delcared a hostile nation, her people enemeis of the American state. Chariots of war are loosed upon her shores.”


“Crass to behold.”

“Well it ain't good, that's for sure.”

“Burn this world to cinders and remake it in my image!”

“It was you who ushered in the end.”

“Bow your head and tremble in despair--”

“Remind man why he trembles in the dark...”

“You should have let the brooding one strike me down when you had the chance, fool.”

“We strike now, and we do not stop until either she is defeated or we are all dead!”

“Civilization? The word is posion.”

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