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Movie Review: The Midnight Sky (2020)

A post apoc George Clooney and Felicity Jones and Kyle Cahndler head for the abyss. Why am I reminded of 'Z Nation'? What event ruined the earth? Clooney has a beard and broods and stares. Why so many evac helicopters? One waits and waits for horrifying revelations. Something enormous and unthinkable and irreversible happened.

There are flashbacks and the ending 'twist' is so obvious. A habitable moon of Jupiter has been found. This was based on a book I've never heard of. Clooney directed. What happened to the space missions? Why was the ISS evacuated? One ship is still out there, the one that found the moonn.

Worlds of money wasted on this. Jones wandered on the fake looking moon off Jupiter. It was a dream. Or was it? Artifical gravity exists as do spaceships and holograms. This was trying and there is no high drama. The astronauts wonder why Earth has fallen silent. And why they can't contact a colony flight. A child lurks. Cue sap.

There is endless talking and no level of unease. Bad decisions blight this film. This was not robust. Clooney's scenes aren't that interesting. This was detestable and this was idiocy. This was an abject failure. There is no communication with the ship so Clooney has to find a way to contact it. This was an edifice.

There are crises and disregard this. Is humanity consigned to extinction? There is existential anxiety and this was terrible. Nobody has grave concerns. What scorched the Earth? Disaster hits the ship and there is chaos and mortal dangers and gloomy resignation.

Best Lines:

“RF pollution.”

“We hoped would be our future, things didn't quite turn out that way.”

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