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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Prodigal Son' season 2 promo


'Star Trek Discovery' 3x11 promo


'The Dry' trailer

Eric Bana.

'Wonder Woman: 1984' clip


'The Stand' (2020) 1x01 clip

His foot? Seriously.

'It's A Sin' promo


'The Mandalorian' clip

So did Kylo Ren kill baby yoda? When did Luke lose his mojo? Oh who cares.

Caffanel Hazelnut Creations Creamosa – yum.

Gluten free all butter Belgian white chocolate and christmas spiced cookies – nice.

Cranberry, raspberry & grape drink – nice.

Greek style honey yogurt – yum.

White Reese's – nice.

I saw a wren.

I won't read 'Thirteen Storeys' or 'Hex Life'.

I'd try chaud froid d'oeuf and white truffle pizza.

There is lobster ice cream?

Contoured teeth and jardigans are things? FFS.

I want an Agent Provocateur christi teddy. I want a Dior joaillerie yellow-gold and emerlad mimirose earrings and Viltier gold, white-diamond and bull's eye earrings. I want IDYL gold and diamond earrings. I want white-gold, diamond and ruby earrings.

Who saw 'The Crimson Petal and The White', 'Murder One' or 'The Russian House'?

'Star Trek: Picard' brought back Picard without having first worked out if there was a good reason for doing so.

'The Last Act' – no.

'Raw' – no.

I was betrayed by him who should have been truest to me. My relationship was ephemeral. Something unappealing was in my ex. I don't think my ex is sorry. My relationship had impermanence. I'm rejected and forgotten by him.

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Failure of society.”

“Absolutely very necessary.”

“Urgent clarity.”

'Sex, Lies and Murder' Quotes:

“Live in a crack house.”

“Body that isn't moving.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Needs the country to comply.

'Tiny Pretty Things' Quotes:

“Praying to god knows what.”


“Yeah, you should be.”

“Sancity of the artform.”

“Transform yourself into what's wanted, what's expected.”

“Suprised she didn't do better.”

“So is she.”

“A world she left so terribly.”

“All hoodies, all the time.”

“Approved agenda.”

“Ballet is dying.”

“Dancing in the bloody backrow.”

“I know an enemy when I see one.”

“For once I'm the one dancing the prince.”

“Screw you.”

“Buddy that's the idea.”

“I'm quite sure it won't be you.”

“Health clearance to dance.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Determing factor.”

“Fight factor.”

“Mismatch between safety and lifestyle.”


“No credible account given.”

“Becomes the problem.”

“Unable to put any timeline or context on events.”

“Talk about the bad things.”

“Subjected to abuse by a justifiably furious general public.”

“Craved establishment respectability.”

“Era of suspicion.”

“Thought disorder.”

“Who is mad and evil.”

“Absolute confidentiality.”

“Anger and despair.”

“From which they had expected support and protection.”

“Finding themselves on the receiving end of attention.”

“Deeming the home unsafe.”

“Perpetrator's behaviour becomes their responsibility.”

“My choice of partner endangers my kids.”

“Become the inevitable focus.”

“Protective parent.”

“Regain their lives.”


“Held accountable for all the difficulties within the family.”

“Perpetrators thrive on that.”

“Year without friends.”

“Sprout water.”

“Great men are almost always bad men.”

“Empire inevitably led to his undoing.”

“Largely unaccounted for.”

“Pathological liar, misleading everyone he encountered.”

“Not seeking the quiet life.”

“Incorrigible self-publicist.”

“Hard little grins and a burning need to be disruptive.”

“Delivers platitudes.”

“Nostalgic nowhere.”

“Forsenic bleach-clean.”

“Towels will be burned in a barrel in the garden.”

“Shared experience in cinema.”

“There were 64 television shows. About 40 of them required acting.”

“Just the right amount of success.”

“Automatic redeeming quality.”

“Communicate their horror over the arty sex scenes. These they were obviously obliged to watch all the way through in order to be certain of their degeneracy.”

“Tableware will be put through three dishwasher cycles, then hand-washed, then smashed up with a hammer, then burned in a barrel, then placed in an insulated cooler box, then buried in a shole in the gorden dug to a depth of no less than six feet.”
“It looks like it's going to be a busy Stephen zuzz day for someone. I'll take the shovel out of the shed for you.”

'Disappeared' Quotes:

“Turn this into an episode of COPS.”

“Where transients are known to gather.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:


“Prompted many to pledge radical shifts in behaviour and lifestyle.”


“Rethink their behaviour further,”

“Merciless consequences.”

“Make us more likely to accept restraints on our lives.”

“Reshape our social norms?”

“Unaccustomed to be lauded as favoured.”

“Grudges waiting to happen.”

“Violent idleness.”

“Format change.”


“Future past.”

“Discourse controls.”

“Disastrously hesitant.”


“Celebrated comments.”

“Delivery riders he once cursed as a meance.”

“Apparently doomed.”

“A film-maker with things to say and no film to say them with.”

“Public spats.”

“Tepidly received.”

“Close-out team.”

“None of the important people would speak to me.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quotes:

“Traditional French-court style-”

“Social aid.”

'How To Get Away With Muder' Quote:

“I'm not evil, I just did an evil thing.”

'The Guardian' Quotes:

“Create the boundaries of who does and doesn't fit into your family.”

“Historic resentments.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Awful event.”

“Sex hair.”

“Built reputations.”

“Ferocious clash.”

“Malign social influence.”

“Filled her head with assertions that she struggles to discard.”

“Rational and moral universe.”

“What was once thought valuable is leached of all meaning.”

“A faecal incident.”

“Did not sound very amicable.”

“Paid-for lies.”

“Moral co-operation.”

“Ethically negative evaluations.”

“Nosily expressed opinions,”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Colloquiquialisms that I have only read about in Irish history books.”

“Rest a hand on another's shoulder meaningfully.”

“Ominious sign of things to come.”

'The Man Who Invented Christmas' Quotes:

“Vile things they wrote about.”

“Bloody fog.”

“Those people don't belong in books.”

'Waco' Quotes:

“I didn't have much joy growing up.”

“Lost souls at those gun shows.”


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