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Movie Review: Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

This horror spoof stars people (I hesitate to call them actors) who were never heard from again, with the exception of Chris Titus (of the lamented sitcom ‘Titus’) in a bit part.

A UFO lands in a small town in a shower of 80’s SFX. A pair of idiots wearing vile 80’s fashions decides to investigate. So Mike the mouth breather and his out of control perm sporting girlfriend Debbie come across a big top populated by killer alien clowns. As you do. They react via terrible acting.

The creepy clowns rampage through town with their bloodhound balloon animas, man eating shadow puppets and popcorn guns. They turn people into candyfloss and drink their blood. Naturally authority figures are sceptical. So Debbie and Mike can only rely on Dave the cop and the moron Terenzi brothers to save the day.

There are leg warmers, balloon prisons, killer custard pies and nightmare fuel for clown haters. This was dull.
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