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Book Reviews: Familiar Spirit + After Sundown, part 1

Familiar Spirit by Lisa Tuttle

This 1983 novel has sadly been reprinted by the 'Paperbacks From Hell' brigade. A constantly anxious woman moves to a new house sold to her by a witch. This is an act of utter folly. A demon or something lurks. There is moral sludge and bad dialogue in this horrifically bad and deeply inept 'horror'. There is worrying behaviour and violent trauma as the demon adversely affects people.

This was not a source of fascination. There is a nagging sense of emptiness as this badly written book swirls down the plughole of irrelevance. Something unpleasant lies in store as the bleak denouement shows. There is ugliness at this book's heart. It is not a bleak and stark account of possession with psychologically disturbing elements.

I don't care about the demon's machinations and casual cruelties. There's not going to be a good ending. Plausibility and this book are not even on nodding terms with one another. The heroine was left bitterly disillusioned by her ex. This was fatuous. No one has the essence of decency and the demon has malicious purposes.

Best Lines:

“I cannot believe that I meant so little to him,”

“Means you no good.”

“To be thrown away as if I meant nothing to him.”

“How bored my friends are with me,”

“Their Superman Nietzsche dreamed of, beyond questions of Good and Evil.”

After Sundown edited by Mark Morris, part 1

This is a new horror anthology.

Butterfly Island

Going for a boat trip in a post-apoc world is not a good idea, at all. This was short, good and delicious.


By Tim Lebbon. 2 non fans re-enact 'Misery' on a horror author. I didn't get the point of this.


A tale of wrecked hopes, cruel men and revenge. This was sad.

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