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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'The Great' promo

“You are a bad person.”

Domino's uses Danish meat and Portuguese tomatoes?

I'd try edible snowglobes.

'Heroes' gets worse in retrospect.

My ex still has no sorrow, regret or remorse. My ex did careless rejection.

It is 32 years since 'Deadly Lessons' and 'Poison Candy' aired on BBC1.

'Wartime Farm' Quotes:

“Feed a nation.”

“Less than ideal.”

“The 6th of the war.”

“Fighting a battle to grow crops on unsuitable land.”

“People and spades.”

“Rural pie scheme.”

“Turned up in fields carrying trays of pie.”

“Shortcomings quickly exposed.”

“Gummed paper tape.”

“Never known a peacetime christmas.”

“Horror that surrounded them.”

“Making toys from junk.”

“Christmas trees were scarce as wood was taken by the war effort.”

“Fall of far Eastern rubber plantations.”

“Posh food.”

“Wrong type of oak.”

“Coming from the Baltics.”

“Too old to fight.”

“Sanitary work.”

“A meat of the poor.”

“Candied carrots.”

“Act of defiance in the face of death.”

“Carrot fudge.”

“Pin the mustache on Hitler.”

'Lucy Worsley's Christmas Carols' Quotes:

“Down an all forms of jollity.”

“Secret Catholic meaning.”

'Tiny Pretty Things' Quotes:

“Tonight decides your future as much as anything you do in class.”

“Twisted bargain.”

“Dance hack.”

“Do you question me?”

“No, that's not working.”

“Sadistic jackass.”

“We build dancers for.”

“Show loyalty to the school.”

“There's cheese on that.”

“Rubbish education, no future.”

“Go prance at your prom.”

“She's not better than me now.”

'Ireland: am' QuoteS:

“Curate your own cheeseboard.”

“Soft cheese knife.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“No future and no hope,”

“Who is allowed to belong.”

“Excited shrieks.”

“Death and grieving can always be remedied by more death and violence.”

“Deserve blame and shame.”

“Pauperised the nation.”

“Daily decries.”

“He responds by behaving like they are annoying the hell out of him, which must be a great source of cheer, spurning them on to great heights of provocation.”

“Irrelevant to the point of delusion.”

“Stupid calamities.”

'Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind The Laughter' Quote:

“Show how important he was.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Intergenerational mixing.”

“What might come to pass.”

“Medically culnerable.”

“Roadway dining.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Remains to be convinced.”

“People you don't want to be with.”

“Still has reverberations today.”

“New grim records.”

'The Flash' Quotes:

“You took our daughter back to the future?”

“Crazy bee girl.”

“Dumped me in the middle of the street and walked away.”

“You don't want me at all!”


“Hypnotising phone.”

“Blinky red light thing.”

“I is we?”

“Damn what I think.”

“Always been cold, distant.”

“What did I ever do to get treated like this?”

“How could he leave me?”

“How could be stop loving me?”

“That family does not include you.”

“I don't know how to fix any of this!”

'Familiar Spirit' Quotes:

“How ungrateful of you to try.”

“You are mine, to use as I will?”

“Fondness for high-volume disco.”

“Sentencing herself to loneliness.”

“It was never a good idea to speculate on how or why something had gotten dirty.”

“He gives me lot of nice things.”

“She sounded anything but happy about it,”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Christmas chicken.”

“What it is that has to be hidden for 32 years.”

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