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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Tiny Pretty Things' promo

There is ballet and shirtlessness and a ballet school.

Best Lines:

“Hot for psychos.”

“Something wrong with that place.”

“Ballet is no place for redemption.”

'Angela's Christmas Wish' promo


'Honest Trailers: Lost'

So many memories.

'Walker' trailer

Another remake. The hair! The bad acting!

Chocolate cream – nice.

Vegan orange & geranium 74% dark chocolate – nice.

'The Stand' (2020) has 9 eps.

You can get knives with 1000 year olf bog oak handles? Why?

I'd try sea salt toffee sauce.

I have deep feelings of resentment. My ex caused serious and lasting disappointment. My ex over promised and under delivered.

Recall the excitment that there used to be over a new Christopher Pike book?

There is Japanese cooking wine and semolina flour?

'Business Post Food + Wine' Quotes:

“Around whom everyone else orbits like satellites.”

“Aggressive enforcement.”

'Upstart Crow' Quotes:

“Pissling village idiot.”

“Tarting scrub.”

“Saucy ruffington.”

“Flatulant fawn.”

“None will make merry with me.”

“Shrewish milking slap.”

“Foul hovel.”

“Arsing cleavage.”

“What a load of crappage.”

“Gone all nice.”

“Proper lame.”

“Murdering the Irish.”

“Decide who it is to be despised.”

'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' Quotes:

“Tastes a lot better after you blanch it.”

“Fat cap.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Decades of complaints.”

“Celebrity grudge-matters.”

“Agenda-ridden comics.”

“Vented volubly.”

“Galaxy of spite.”

“More colourful language which would be irresponsible to disinter.”

“These people do not exist.”

“Proven record of failure.”

“Inefficiency on an epic scale.”

“Let them find out in the newspapaers.”

“So devoid of credible legal argument.”

“L'etat c'est moi.”

“Has no friend, no friends, not one friend.”

“Lost who she was.”

“Feel unwelcome.”

“Hateful way he vents.”

“Make me feel so unwanted.”

“Hierarchy of need.”

“Isolated and disconnected.”

“Unwilling to use limited public-transport services.”

“Never to put anything in writing I couldn't stand over forever.”

“Bear such a grudge against my former teacher.”

“Suffered a loss of reputation.”

“Effectively ostracised.”

'Thatcher' Quotes:

“Leave the stage when people are still clapping.”

“Always keen on dramatic gestures.”

“All these wretched foreigners.”

“Vulgar and unpleasant consequences.”

“Taken on Labour left wingers, CND and the unions.”

'Nutcracker' Quotes:

“Thank god my sons aren't helplessly emotionally crippled schizophrenics locked up for life in a mental hospital.”

“Crazy school.”

“An augury of violence still thirteen years down the road.”

“The beat-up scenes.”

“The conductor had to pry her out.”

“Public schools were bedlams where violence, disrespect, and any number of foul things occured.”

“Point the finger of shame.”

“Increasing ostracism from his family.”

“Asserts his attachment to the family that keeps pushing him out.”


“Not let in and welcomed.”

“Unending series of domestic crises.”

“Her white mink looked secondhand.”

“Could not generate concern, let alone sympathy.”

“The Dickensian, decrepit and now defunct boarding school in Hunginton, Long Island, where he would be dumped for the next five years.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“A gift to humanity.”

'Reign' Quote:

“The old bitch is still clinging to her miserable life.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Must not happen.

'Sex, Lies And Murder' Quotes:

“Rage incident.”

“Oops marriages.”

“Sawing off your husband's head?”

“Jealously incident.”

“Escalated into physical harm.”

“Outcome was horrendous for all of them.”

'A Wedding And A Murder' Quotes:

“Have the run of the house.”

“Cat hotel lady.”

“He's a demented person.”

'Evil' Quote:

“I don't get parables.”

'Gone' Quote:

“A darker possibility surfaces.”

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