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Book Review: The Cheerleaders

The Cheerleaders by Kate Thomas

This farrago of nonsence centres on a small town where 5 years ago, the cheerleading squad died in a series of, shall we say, mysterious cirumstances. Now secrets emerge and things head toward a would be terrifying conclusion. This isn't even intermitently interesting. Abusive men think everything is justifiable and this was categorically wrong.

Best Lines:

“Glorified ass shaking to the sorts of rap songs that suburban white girls have no business dancing to.”

“Shooter-worship stuff.”

“If it's the least scandalous thing that would have happened when I was in school. A girl in my grade had a threesome. When we were freshmen. God, I do not miss that place.”

“Wasn't exactly rolling in friends.”

“Despite what you might have heard, I did have friends.”

“I think of the type of guys who hang out in the 7-Eleven parking lot.”

“And what are the odds that five girls from the same school, all friends would die within a month of each other?”

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