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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Inside KFC At Christmas' promo

No. No. No.

'Channel 4' ad


Best Lines:

“Leave the presents in the street, they'll find them.”

“The pancake day pancake.”

'Wonder Woman 1984' tv spot


'Star Trek Discovery' 3x10 promo


'Charmed' season 3 promo

Oh ffs.

'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' clip

The original Hilda and Zelda show up. Okay then.

Gluten free lemon Meringue pie – nice.

Patridge pate – nice.

Gluten free choc ganache cake – yum.

'Reign' went from Kenna being a ho and Bash pushing someone off a cliff to an unmitigated disaster and black absurdity.Mary was self-indulgent and rather callous – true to history.

I am worthy of being heard and supported. My ex has no compassion. He once swept me away with adoration. He has not respectful or mature. He completely ignored me instead of treating me like someone who deserved explanation and communication. My ex disappeared. He was cruel and callous and inflicted pain and confusion and refused to offer an explanation. Instead of acknowledging that what he did was cruel, disrespectful and immature. He is unapologetic. My ex has a lack of engagement and he's abysmal. I don't need my ex's sorry. I feel achingly sad sometimes. My ex turned inexplicably hostile.

There are cold fruit soups and brandy custard.

What is hazelnut cream or wet sauce?

What is Video Arcade?

I won't review 'Charmed' 2x15 'Third Time's The Charm'.

I'd try rose-petal ice cream and a chocuterie board and rosemary and sea salt dark choc and a chocolate and salted caramel star and pickled pumpkin with mint and chilli.

I want a vacheron constantin egerie. I want gold, lapius lazuli and yellow diamond drop earrings. I want an enamel locket and luxe lip balm and an amber glass and crystal hair pins and a rainbow sapphire eternity ring and a fir scented candle.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“High and unlawful levels.”

“Lead to a dramatic event.”

“Absence of a functional government.”

“Apocalyptic vision.”

“Lived through some bad times.”

'Murder In Amish Country' Quotes:

“Jealous mistresses can be dangerous.”

“Destined to be a failure.”

“Wanting him to pick her.”

“Atypical even for him.”

“A lot of people noticed at the time.”

'Jungle Mystery' Quotes:

“Vast hostile plains.”

“Forging a civilization.”

“A hostile place.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Ball of rage.”

“Out wasting money on womens crap.”

“Very hard to like.”

“Bravely unsympathetic.”

“All get stabbed and stuff.”

“Tick off every cliche in the book.”

“Career killing reviews.”

“Not annoying, really.”

“Never less than fascianting.”

“No idea why Earth has fallen so silent.”

“Genuinely alarming turn.”

“Eerily melacncholy.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quotes:

“Amazingly lazy.”

“Terrible waste of human potential.”

'Storage Wars' Quote:

“Country living.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Disinfect and spray.”

“Road was hated.”

“Plotted and schemed.”

“The hyphenated people.”

“Social disaster.”

“Ascribed aspects.”

“Little year-round value.”

“Save the nation from mass peversion.”

“Acceptable topic for daytime radio.”

“Can't have an office where people are shouting things like that at each other.”

“Provocative assertions.”

“Biggest reputational crisis.”

“Trivalise its wrongdoing.”

“Unrepentant arrogance.”

“A wedding that would never take place.”

“Apparently inevitable Oscar triumph.”

“Intense emotion barely contained-”

“Rails against compliant attiudes.”

“Cities don't just happen.”

“Defendable spot.”

“Sweeping and irrevocable change,”

“Better future solutions.”

“Something to be excited about.”

“Wistful recollections of Christmas telly's golden age,”

“Future of cinema-going as a mass communal cultural experience.”

“Social and technological changes-”

“Make anything that happens into something of value.”

“Tolerant remarks.”

“Idyllic fictional past.”

“Future-shock glumness.”

“God-fearing fanatics.”

“Implications at a societal level.”

“One mad bastard.”

“Hostile media.”

“Innocent intentions.”

“Doing something vile to their own psyches.”


“Mad frenzy of hype.”

“Falsity abounds.”

“Lonely victims of expectation.”

“Growing collection of narratives on the terrible consequences.”

“His legacy requires a much tougher scrutiny.”

“Like a creaking door.”

“Seriously detrimental effect.”

“Sounds bored when forced to speak on the subject.”

“Resistent to change.”

“Biologically altered.”

“Eras are almost erased.”

“A fight is inevitable;”

“Entirely predictable response.”

“Oversee her own destiny.”

“Faced closed doors, records that had disappeared and walls of silence.”

“A story replete with heartache, betrayal and loss.”

“Nobody, it seemed, knew why.”

“The life she had mapped out for herself vanished into thin air.”

“Covid coat,”

'Reign' Quotes:

“Spoken with the pope have you?”

“What will happen to us when your father dies?”

“Such faith in his love for you.”

“Your brother's mercy is all that will stand between you and death.”

“We're his favourites because we never ask him for anything.”

“Sort of talk that gets bastards and mistresses beheaded.”

“Taking the throne of France from him.”

“I'm a nice man.”

“Son of his own blood.”

“You are not family, you are a complicaiton of Henry's lust that they endure.”

“In god's eyes, she doesn't even exist.”

“Seduce my father into giving a damn about us.”

“Marriage based on nothing.”

“That impatient looking man.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:


“Fashionable titles on the bestseller lists.”

“We don't exist for them.”

“A country closed to much of the world.”


“Her old demo placards lie discarded in the garage.”

“Her work and her identity.”

“Negative connotation was placed on it.”

“Didn't feel any sense of apology for our presence.”

“Give voice to the voiceless.”

“Redemptive power.”

“I like to think I have a good reputation in the village.”

“History celebrates liberators, not captors.”

“What indignities await you there?”

“Family tensions.”

“Increasingly desperate.”

“Culture of challenge.”

“Claims she was ugly, stupid, reviled by her husband.”

“Why is it we're taught this narrative?”

“Sales of CDs went into freefall at the turn of the century.”

'Back' Quotes:

“Rank stench of the guy next to you.”

“Less manly kind of car.”

“Might be the devil wanting to steal my life.”

“No offence, but who the f**k would want to steal your life?”

“Briefly and horribly.”

“Quite nice, boring people.”

“No one has an easy life.”

“Moved away really suddenly, with no warning.”

“His overnight disappearance can be explained away, I'm sure.”

“Baffled stares.”

“Old big tits.”

“Dad was having an affair.”

“Which one?”

“Sorry again about the vomit.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“The youtubing thing.”

“Fashion clothes.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“The damage he does to those around him.”

“Hidden cruelties.”

“Predicament is to be endured.”

“Lost in anguish.”

“As detestable as he is intriguing.”

“Hugely watched.”

“Public prominence.”

“Walking social statement.”

“Mournful looking.”

“Far away gazes.”

“Herocially contemplative poses.”

“Shattering events they record.”


“See how wealthy families fall apart.”

“Erase every last trace of his predecessor's legacy.”

“Public morality be protected.”

“Now largely forgotten.”

“Shameful gloating.”

“Inevitable insults.”

“Unifying dislike.”

“Regarded himself as invaluable.”

“Two types of people in the world: those who like him. And those who've met him.”

“Morally improving television schedules.”

“Bitter regret.”

“Honed indifference.”

“Forlorn hope.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Doesn't challenge.”

“One doesn't watch Richard Curtis films becuase they're plausible.”

“Grimmest years.”


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