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Green Hornet Issue 4 + Undiscovered Country Issue 10 + The Red Mother Issue 10 Reviewed

Green Hornet Issue 4

Things don't play out logically or realistically. This was not immense fun. There is a Superman expy and childish old style art. Did Kato and the Green Hornet let some random steal their car? This was not over exciting.

Best Lines:

“Drop your guns – or I drop you. Alphabetically.”

“Fortunately we arrived before any farmers or the media found the craft.”

“I don't know why a known criminal warlord would get involved in this.”

Undiscovered Country Issue 10

There is talk of neurolink technology. An Abe Lincoln lookalike talked of healing the nation. What is the Jureau event? This was woeful. Avoid this. What are godcores? There are bizarre sharks and whales. Why such social alternation and social restructuring? There are no compelling ideas here. Who is Dr Jain? There is incoherence and a dark secret revealed. I don't care about the crumbling society or the entirely different societies or this issue or what was once America and neither do the characters – they're oddly blase about the dysfunction they have long faced. There is civil disorder and bumbling ineptitude.

Best Lines:

“Ain't my dream.”

“This land......is her land.”

“America was not built on fear!”

“Making sure the other side lost.”

“Society stagnates, and, eventually, collapses.”

“Not trying to outdo, the other.”

“Trying desperately to reinvent themselves.”

“Grand reshuffling of the nation's population begins.”

“Actions non-conducive.”

The Red Mother Issue 10

The heroine is in peril and is meanced. Again. The heroine, Daisy, her eye turns red. Her 'freinds' plot against her and this was dark and delicious and good.

Best Line:

It was nice. He was nice. I need it. I needed something good in my life again. And then he left.”

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