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Book Review: A Contest Of Principles 👎👎

Star Trek The Original Series: A Contest Of Principles by Greg Cox

McCoy is kidnapped and takes on a female Rasputin. Kirk oversses an alien election that is an unsubtle Trump/Biden expy. Spock saves the day. This was an exposition filled, badly written, unsubtle piece of plain mediocrity. This was all pointless anyway considering 'Star Trek Discovery' season 3.

Best Lines:

“Kept us strong and secure for generations.”

“You can't stop the future,”

“The enmity between Vok and Ozalor has endured in the collective memories and myths of both peoples long after the cataclysm sent them back to the dark ages.”

“Precariously unresolved.”

“You dishonor our martyred ancestors with every word out of your seditious lips.”

“Irretrievably compromised.”

“How dare you impugn my motives,”

“Deserve no place in it.”

“Apocalyptic conflict.”

“Fade from memory with the passing of eons.”

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