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Punchline Issue 1 + Power Rangers Issue 1 Reviewed

Punchline Issue 1

This one-shot tells the origin story of the Joker's lastest big breasted sidekick with mental health issues and a liking for slutty clothes. How did student Alexis Kane become Punchline? She is on trial for a massive amount of charges. Who is Bluebird? Since when is Dr Thompkins a shrink? There are lots of Joker minions out there. Punchline has a podcast.

Punchline became radicalised. Arkham's revolving door is brought up. Who's Cullen? Punchline has fans and thinks the Joker has a message. This was very good.

Best Lines:

“I got grades just good enough that they didn't turn any heads.”

“Got dragged into a world too violent to escape from.”

“Trauma stuff.”

“Every night is a blast when you can't leave your apartment because someone dressed like a Halloween store clearance rack might decide it's a good time to burn down the city.”

“I didn't kill anyone but I didn't stop him from doing it either...”

“They didn't understand what they were dealing with. Not yet.”

“They sell a plush of the Joker fish in the aquarium gift shop.”

“Do you honestly think she's a good person?”

“She's a victim of someone who Batman could have stopped a hundred times by now, didn't.”

“It's like the only way you're allowed to try and make Gotham a better place is if you name yourself after a stupid bird.”

“People tend to stop listening if they think you're crazy.”

“They're going to see who you really are.”

Power Rangers Issue 1

The Omega Rangers and their various sidekicks hang out. Where did the giant alien tiget come from? Angel Grove has a beach? What is a Empyreal? Drakkon's locked up and how is he not dead? Drakkon has a new look. Jason, Zack and Trni are smug liars who betray their friends. Zordon gets angry and Bulk and Skull whine. Tommy's right about Drakkon. The idea of an internatioanl teen peace confrence is so dumb. Trini justifies and Rocky whines. Jason and co's betrayal better have consequences. This was good. Jason's arrogant and a jackass.

Best Lines:

“That's quite enough educational damage.”

“This universe is full of dark things in dark corners.”

“The world ravagers.”

“Someone has some serious self-hate issues, don't they?”

“I have been protecting the universe for over ten-thoussand years----and Drakkon is the closest I've ever gotten to losing it.”

“The pacifier patrol.”

“The new green ranger.”

“Everyone he hurts is on you.”

“All you've ever done is make bad decisions.”

“I will not hesitate to unleash everything at my disposal to stop you.”

“Your way is not the only way, Zordon.”

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