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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Murder On Middle Beach' promo

“Had secrets. Dark secrets.”

'Zerozerozero' promo


'Loki' promo


'What If?' promo

Zombies, Peggy Carter and more.

'Cobra Kai' season 3 promo

Oh come on.

'Transplant' promo


'Batwoman' season 2 promo

What happened to Kate?

'Riverdale' season 5 promo

Uh what?

'Roald & Beatrix' promo


'The Mess You Leave Behind' trailer

A Spanish drama with rude students.

'Christmas Crossfire' trailer

A German comedy.

Best Line:

“Don't you dare break my sauna!”

'Murder Me Monster' trailer


Peanutbutter Snickers – nice.

Pheasant pate – nice.

Chestnut cake – okay.

Who saw 'Barfly' or '10 Rillington Place'?

I'll review 'Black Panther' and 'Black Narcissus'.

They are rebooting 'True Blood'?

I won't review 'Charmed' 2x13 'Breaking The Cycle' or 'Summerwater' or 'Charmed' 2x14 'Sudden Death'.

There is Ben&Jerry's chocolate cherry garcia.

I will review 'The Sleeper Lies' and 'Axiom's End'.

There is apple slaw? Gator nuggets?

Turkey flavour crisps exist!

My ex has a lack of compassion and kindness. My ex broke promises.

I'd try peach chutney and hot sauce jellybeans and eggnog pannacotta with crystalised cranberries.

'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' Quote:

“Old finger method.”

'Gilmore Girls' Quote:

“He treats you like dirt and everyone hates him! But that was your choice!”

'Charmed' Quote:

“I want out of that corner.”

'The Big Bang Theory' Quotes:

“I found this pizza flyer in your fence.”

“I was never on a starship but pretending I was bought me this house.”

“Mean old crank.”

'Knightfall' Quotes:

“Remain fixed in my doubt.”

“Grab a sack and get in line.”

“God's enemies.”

“Never listen to the fools that surround you. This world only responds to the closed fist, not the open hand.”

“Vile and wretched world.”

“Worked so hard to put you here.”

“France was not kind to queens.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“No solid proof of that assertion has yet been produced.”

“Wronged by the system.”

“Lack of fertility control.”

“Senseless tragedy.”

“Ignoring the public is not an option.”

“Reduced to playing northern clubs to cover tax bills.”

“Overwhelm its reputation.”

“Bulky, beige desktop computers.”

“Dial-up connections were too slow.”

“The public would be in man-the-barricades mode.”

“Threatening norms.”

“Inter-generational fairness.”

“Formal co-operation in evil.”

“Does not signify moral approval.”

“Ideological polarisation.”

“Means to indicate which political doctrine you adhere to.”

“Eminently rational being.”

“Incapable of grasping the simple reality.”

“About as unhelpful an intervention conceivable.”

“Those who disagree with them are not only stupid but deserve to have that pointed out to them.”

“Turn their backs even further,”

“Foolish and malign.”

“Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man's inclinaiton to injustice makes democracy necessary.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Empty the box within 90 seconds.”

“Negative 80.”

“Reduced choices.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Regime without compassion.”

“Escalate concern.”

“Cruel, heartless mistreatment.”

“Death figures.”

“Yet behave like this.”

“Food, worship and methadone treatment.”

'Tudor Monastery Farm' Quotes:

“Turkey didn't become popular until the late 18th century.”

“Hunted to extinction.”

“Stuffed with meat.”

“Think of it in its cultural context.”

“Tudors cooked everything on wooden fires.”

“Raisin paste.”

“Oxcart load.”

“Wouldn't fell holly trees.”

“Traded hand to hand.”

“Fence building skills.”

“Waste gses.”

“Come out the same hole.”

“But in a nice way.”

“Grosser meats.”

“Modern dining techniques.”

“Out there life is still going on.”

'A Wedding And A Muder' Quotes:

“Passport fraud leads to other things.”

“Comes as a huge shock to the local boating community.”

“Guilty secret is the bond that ties them.”

“Letter of amnesty.”

“Mad cow disease. Who gets that? In Houston? On a boat.?”

“She was the alleged talent, of which she had none.”

'How To Get Away With Murder' Quotes:

“We can't keep expecting to get away with things.”

“We all deserve hell.”

'Murder Made Me Famous' Quotes:

“Her life is forgotten.”

“Loner turns friend.”

“Frightening individual.”

“Where's the head?”

“Do the hippy thing.”

“Rich hippy lifestyle.”

“Pay for you to live in the woods.”

“Why didn't you get up and beat him up?”

“Dead under mysterious circumstances.”

“Investigate aggressively.”

“It's midnight, let's go dig up his garbage.”

“Notorious region of New Jersey.”

“Get away from being who I was.”

“Hated by everyone who met him.”

“Caught stealing a sandwich.”

“Incapable of staying out of trouble.”

“Passed over and estranged.”

'Good Morning Europe' Quotes:

“Very nasty legacy.”

“Historical memory.”

'Reign' Quotes:

“His attetnion drifted to you and now it's drifting elsewhere.”

“Your first, never said of how many.”

“Not take kindly to.”

“Problems of reputation.”

“Happy. For a time.”

“Wasn't yours to save.”

“This is my court, not yours.”

"Blood priest.”

“Practice my father's religion as do you.”

“Live here at your father's will.”

“Even the laws of your chosen faith are clear on that.”

“Family I couldn't pick.”

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