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Spooks 8x02 + Arrow 1x07-1x09 rewatch + Charmed 2x12 + The Twilight Zone 2x10 Reviewed

Spooks 8x02

The UK has an energy crisis and Ruth's back and Harry has resilence over ruining her family. Ruth doesn't elicit sympathy just strong feelings of antipathy. More life threatening situations and hazards. Malcolm's retired. There are no dramatic possibilities. This was not emotionally intense. This was done supremely seriously. Ros is unpleasant. Harry sees perecived threats and criminal intentions everywhere.

No meance glints through Lucas. This was not truly momentous. It is slightly perplexing how TPTB ruined Lucas in series 9. Lucas is deviously playful. The gas shortage doesn't seem to have come about by accident. Someone puts on a bad USA accent and is riling. There is endless misery and Ros repels. People are forlorn and this was ugh.

People ought to be more concerned. Harry's a jerk. The yanks are sordid. A yank is smug and awful and exasperating. This was terrible and purposes are undermined. People are pragmatic and a murder is planned. It all goes wrong. There is a Yalta mention. Lucas makes out with the smug yank bint.

Best Lines:

“I pay very little attention to the self interested witterings of the rentier class.”

“Very dark and very cold.”

“I'm not frightened anymore.”

“We don't like that regime.”

“An agenda they consider hostile.”

“Young, scruffy, minimum wage written right across his forehead.”

“People who matter will die.”

“Midnight knock on the door.”

“Posting this conversation on my blog.”

“Bloody internet.”

“Taken an even grimmer view of any human rights activists or lefty jorunalists.”

“Awkward squad MP.”

“Openly gloating about it.”

“Needed a lesson.”

“Terrors of the Earth.”

“Discussing your presence.”

“Not unhappy.”

“Bloody horrible mess.”

“Say anything we want her to say.”

“Central Asian Hitler in the making.”

Muse Of Fire

Thea is sick of smug Oliver's lies. What did Oliver think would happen with his lying and thanklessness? Why is Laurel such a c word to Tommy? How does Laurel afford that massive apartment? Did Laurel only date Tommy to make Oliver jealous? Oliver won't wear a shirt and ignores his injured mother. Oliver faces disbelief.

Huntress debuts and the light of hope has died in Oliver's eyes. Tommy faces discouragement. Thea wears a tiny skirt. Oliver is monstrously incomprehensibly selfish. Oliver has useless rage and is a terrible friend to Tommy. Huntress/Helena lurks looking want. Tommy's cut off financially and personally by his evil bastard father Malcolm (John Barrowman).

Best Lines:

“You left mom in the street. Alone and hurt in the street.”

“Damn good pie.”

“Extremely excellent.”

“Vital part of Starling City's future. Robert feared that future. He lost his conviction.”

“Rich man's Lindsey Lohan.”

“I'm sorry.”

“Me too.”

“I still remember that time.”

“Revenge is justice.”

“Why's your vendetta more valid than mine?”

“Alone in my anger so long.”


Oliver and Helena got it on. Oliver is a hypocrite and shirtless. Diggle says Helena is dangeorus. Moira lies. Exposition flies. Did Thea ever graduate school? Oliver is still selfish and thoughtless and awful. He trains up Helena. Diggle is rude to Helena. Laurel seems sad that Tommy can't afford what he used to. Will Felicity the blathering fool shut up. Walter stares at a symbol. Oliver gives Helena a crossbow and a costume.

There is no staggering imagination. This was freightned with portent. Oliver and Helena and Tommy and Laurel end up on a double date. Laurel is bitchy and jealous to Helena. Oliver boasts about screwing Laurel in front of Tommy and Helena! Tommy filled his father's pool with beer? Oliver is rude and sneering about Tommy. Laurel did a sexy smile at Oliver's crass comment. Oliver never apologised for that crap. Tommy apologises to Laurel. She didn't apologise to him for being grasping. She should apologise. She never apologised to Tommy. She's a gold digging bitch whore. Tommy and Oliver are 29? Laurel isn't driven or intelligent. She loved dating billionaires and forgot about Tommy.

Oliver whines about giving up a lot and keeping people at arm's length – that's his choice. This was okay. Helena leaves. There is another list. Tommy asks Oliver for a job and apologises to him. Nobody apologises to Tommy, ever.

Best Lines:

“The least effective way to shoot people.”

“It's not justice.”

“And what you do is?”

“That's a heavy thing man.”

“Some people don't change.”

“It ends badly.”

“Mission of righteous fury.”

“I did not do serious well.”

“Whose sister's grave you used to manipulate me.”

“She knows my name, that's lovely.”

“Get yourself dead.”

“NSA good.”

“Guns were weapons of emtoion.”

“Oliver and someone.”

“Anyone can sell crack. All you need is a street corner and a hoodie.”

“I don't want to be what I was.”

“Strap up.”

“Am I supposed to be grateful?”


“Living on fumes.”

Year's End

Adam Hunt is back and then dead. It is christmas and the dark archer/Mlacolm debuts. Tommy wasn't invited to the Queen family dinner but malcolm was. Malcolm comes up with the Green Arrow name. Ink can be subsonic? Felicity wears purple lipstick. Oliver contacts Quentin as the hood. Oliver whines about no christmas party.

Malcolm plays at being his own dragon. Oliver bitches and moans and whines. Laurel bitches at Tommy for wanting to spend christmas with her. Laurel wears a tiny shirt with tiny sleeves. Her eyebrows are 90s.

Thea wears a tiny skirt and where did her feiend go? Why is Moira such a wetrag for Malcolm? What was it all for? What is the thing on Moira's lip? Laurel shoves herself at Oliver while on a date with Tommy. She is such a ho. Malcolm beats the crap out of the smug, hypocrite Oliver. Great scene. Oliver deserved that and more. Tommy gave Laurel a lovely gift. She gave him nothing. Walter's abducted. Malcolm murdered Robert, not that Moira much cares. Oliver makes a vow to commit more righteous murder as his calling and Mark Ghanime guest starred.

Best Lines:

“A knowledge he shouldn't have.”

“Page 10 story at best.”

“Hood hours.”

“We rob banks and smoke crack together.”

“Two of these nutjobs running around!”

“My family needs this party!”

“Against who?”

“People you've made very angry.”

“He'll get his and you'll give it to him.”

Need To Know

The sisters try to do magic and Abigael lurks and tries to get on Harry's man-rod. Maggie wants Jordan. FFS. Harry obsesses over someone named Helen. Why are the stupid bints hanging out with Abigael? Macy sees Parker locked up. Macy is a bitch and Darklighter Harry lurks. What is with Abigael? Macy doesn't help Parker. Abigael steals Macy's demon powers and gets away with it. Macy lies to Maggie about Parker. This is crap.

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A bad sequel to 'To Serve Man'.

Best Lines:


“What's left of it.”

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