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Movie Reviews: The Front Runner + Boogey Man II

The Front Runner (2018)

Hugh Jackman is Gary Hart. He runs for the democratic nominee for POTUS in 1988. There are personal issues that make Hart's ill fated 1988 run a grim memory. This was not utterly compelling. The media have boundless avarice and depravity in this utterly pointless film.

People mumble and this was simply bad and unsubtle. Hart was the front runner but a lot can happen in 3 weeks. This was purportedly serious and permissive reactions and Hart is compared to Don Johnson. Voters didn't care enough. Was he imprudent and immature? If the world would kindly look away for a moment this would all blow over, but it didn't. That would never happen. Hart is confident of his place in a god given universe but insult is added to injury.

There is a mention of Al Gore, which is not flattering. Alfred Molina features in this. This story can't have a happy ending for everybody. Logic is under-acknowledged. A random woman gained absolute significance – Donna Rice – she has never really spoken about this incident with Hart. Woodward is in this. There is no one to challenge the way the media behave. Hart has a liberal sounding agenda and has encouraging reactions at first. Did he have the ability to deliver on it? We'll never know.

There is nationalistic euphoria and Hart seems vainglorious. Hart is quietly authoriative until an incomprehesible calamity of his own making unfolds. People complain bitterly as rumours of cheating swirl around Hart. He had the force of his convictions and angrily asserted his right to privacy. He doesn't do joy and fun. Clearly malevolent media types lurk. This was meandering. There are hostile interactions with the media. He does performative utterances. Was he entirely illusory?

Hart's fate seems pre-sealed. Until it isn't. Politics is a horrid business. Things were about to get very grim indeed for Hart. This was particularly inept. Were there false perceptions of Hart? He was rapidly undermined. Nobody seems to have ethical principles. This was disappointing and Hart was a sentator. We see vintage news footage. He was extremely efficient until he got on a boat called the Monkey Business. The ill effects of that choice and whatever the situation was with the blonde Donna Rice undermined his dreams.

Hart gets messages of support. What happened on the boat? There are mentions of Sasson and 'Three's Company'. Hart had absolute excellence until he didn't. This was not intricate. He was widely acclaimed until he wasn't. He had a certain charm and personality.

There is talk of the USSR and Hart predicts the future. Axes are waved and thrown and this was dull. Hart talks of his possible VP. This was just awful. Someone claims Hart is having an affair with Donna Rice. Did he have an affair? There are secret intrigues.

Affair rumours ignite an unstoppable scandal. Gary Hart is seperated. He is followed. Donna Rice is finally allowed to speak. He's not a social commentator. Hart doesn't help himself. Vera Farmiga and J.K Simmons co star. People express concern.

Fundamental challenges are apparent. Hart becomes a joke. There is talk of dirty tricks, womanising and lies. Was it all a dirty trick? People don't trust Hart. There is a bad wig on Jackman. People question his suitability. Hart is not conciliatory. This was ineffective. Hart declares his affection. This was overplayed and artifical. Hart won't bare his soul to the nation. Rice is distressed. This was inadequate. Hart reaches crisis point. Hart's plight evokes slack-jawed eye rolling. He has no self questioning.

The worst aspects of media suspcion, mockery and dislike are on display. Rice has raw hurt. This was not compelling. This was absurdity. There is fear of the moral police who have strong opinions about how others should live and who have merciless self-righteousness. Serious problems multiply and this was hysterical and Hart would never be POTUS.

Best Lines:

“Where's the beef?”

“Somehow encapsulates your life.”

“This is beneath you.”

“Act bored.”

“Why are we standing in an alley?”

“Not writing for some college paper.”

“Figuring a way out of this.”

“World changes when young people give a damn.”

“Cities to decay.”

“Atari democrats.”

“George Bush knows it.”

“Kiss your future goodbye.”

“Somebody pay the pizza guy.”

“He can win the south.”

“He can win it, he's got the hair!”

“Grand announcement.”

“Weird mountain man thing.”

“Gumbo and bourbon.”

“Finds that irrelevant.”

“Second rate power.”

“Anything that happens on my sectional sofa is irrelevant.”

“I actually can.”

“Political cynics.”

“Bad suits should mean something.”

“Show him demoracy in action.”

“Shot a grizzly once.”

“Throw away his campaign.”

“MGM is suing Disenyworld.”

“Crying Mickey.”

“Theme park in a swamp.”

“You guy's pay for pictures?”

“Very attractive man.”

“Alligator ate that kid.”

“You think I'm some stupid bimbo.”

“That men don't look at me the way you're looking at me right now.”

“What context?”

“People just assume.”

“I don't think it's going to blow over!”

“Forget the backdoor.”

“It's different now.”

“Get the kind of leaders we deserve.”

“Wonder in mock seriousness.”

“Not yet he's not.”

“Use gossip as front page news.”

“I don't care about polls.”

“Might be seen as a noble gesture.”

“These people should be ashamed.”

“Invited her into our home.”

“I like his positions.”

Boogeyman II (2007)

An endlessly mediocre 'horror' about people in a loony bin bothered by Tobin Bell.

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